6 Killer Tips to Develop Successful Android App That Users Love


6 Killer Tips to Develop Successful Android App

Are you looking forward to developing an android application that users love to use? Developing an application that users find useful is not as easy as it sounds as there are millions of applications that are already obtainable on the Google Play Store. So, how you will make your application unique from other applications? What features you will include? Which strategies you will follow?

Recently, a Deloitte study that commissioned by Google last year, estimated that more than 439000 jobs around Europe are directly related to Android app development. The industry is making more than £4bn globally for developers.

If you also have decided to make a successful android application that users find useful, here are some of the wonderful tips that will help you to develop a killer application:

Testing an Application with Real Users Before You Launch is Key

Do you know that there is a lot that you can do in a lab? Testing with real users before you launch the application is the major key. While developing applications for Android platform, you can test different features with early access users in Google Play before you do a full launch.

Once you test it with real users, you can even share it with a bigger group of users for final testing and to develop advocates. Ultimately, you can launch your application in the Google Play store and appeal your already adopted users to rate your application with stars.

Enhance Your Google Play Store Listing

Improving your Google Play Store Listing is extremely simple; you just need to clean-up your Play Store listing and you will get more downloads. There are lots of applications that don’t follow the basic listing rules. After all, your Google Play Listing requires being clear and simple to read so that people comprehend the purpose of your application.

Every single picture of your application should show an important feature of your application. There must be some lines of text within each image, which describes the features. However, not many developers are doing this; however, Tinder is one such example that makes use of this feature.

No one Wants to be a Beta Tester

Don’t forget that you can make use of platforms to develop communities of testers; however, you should never mention them as beta or alpha. Their support is mainly depending on the language you use. No one is looking forward to being a beta tester.

The early access tool for Android enables you to develop a small group of VIPs, who will iron out any bugs in exchange for their VIP status. With these VIPs, you should be on the first-name terms.

The bigger group of users are your Preview Group and the major key is to make advocates feel special so that you are developing relationships with advocates all the way up to your release.

Moreover, various developers are spending their huge amount of money on press and marketing and you just sit back and wait for the downloads. Develop it and they will not come and you need to nurture communities of users.

Keep Up with Latest Trends

As we all know that Google likes to introduce new updates to its current SDK that allow developers with many ways of doing things and perform tasks. For example, with the release of Android Nougat, a lot of new features came up that can be implemented in the applications.

Talking about some of these new features like replying directly from the notifications, sending short messages with voice control, imessage news shout, browsing photos by keywords and more.

By updating your application constantly, you will be among the first to implement these new features and you can also set the standard. Moreover, users will not appreciate it, but they are coming to expect it. And if you wanted to remain competitive in the world of application, you can be on the top of the new standards that are set forth by Google.

Idea is Completely Waste Without Execution

These days, applications become a competitive market, and in the last year, 65 billion applications were downloaded from Google Play. However, by 2018, it is expected to employ almost five million people and contribute €63bn to the EU economy.

As like any commoditized market, the execution is essential compared to the real idea. You are taking all the risks if you are innovating with a unique idea and make sure that without the luxury of bottomless funding, it will rarely lead to success.

Release Often & Work from Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Considering a design and usability in mind, you can plan your roadmap in terms of Proof of Concept, Minimum Desirable Product, Minimum Viable Product and the wow feature that you a re looking for to happen six months down the line.

What you can do is improve your MVP with constant updates. You can launch and get it out initial when you have an MVP and can also refine with constant updates. You should also analyze app’s reviews, access to the Play Developer Console on mobile devices and refine. Your application will work across the full gamut of Android phones.

These are the five killer tips to develop a successful android application that users will love. Generating an android app is not difficult, but developing an app that attracts users and makes them feel wow is quite difficult, but if you are considering these tips, the process of android app development will be easy.

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