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There are many mobile app developers, who are defining the success of any mobile application by the number of installations. However, application downloads are considered as unique page views only – there are lots of people, who view your website; however, only some of them convert to your customers.

When it comes to talking about another metric that is extremely important than the number of downloads, it is how many numbers of people are coming back to your application the next day, week or month after they install it. This metric is known as retention rate.

Well, boosting the number of application downloads is important, but it is also essential to keep retention rates high and this is what developers need to focus on. If the retention rate of your application is high, it means users are faithful to your product. This faithfulness can also be nurtured by using pushy notifications for your app that users enjoy.

Push Notifications Will Retain Users

Do you know that people, who are allowing an application to send push notifications to their iPhones or Android phones, used that app three times more often than those, who turned push notifications off?

As per the Localitycs, push notifications are great that boost the user experience by serving valuable personalized messages at right time and at the right place. There are many successful mobile applications that make use of different types of push notifications.

Let’s have an instant look at some of the different types of push notifications for your mobile app that users enjoy:

Simple Push

Simple push notifications are quick and super simple option to send a one-off message straight away.

However, if you are subscribed to the Premium or Pro package, you can send simple notifications to all your application users or any of your customers within a defined location straight away.

This alert or notification message could be anything that you want your users to know right now.

Below, you can find some of the best examples of simple push notifications that you can send instantly:

Retail Shop – “Sale Alert” 50 to 70% off on everything, for today only!
Coffer Bar – Enjoy free breakfast muffin with your morning coffee today!

Mechanical Push Notifications

Talking about the mechanical push notifications, they are sent after a specific activity. This type of notification is caused by a user action or a predetermined time or event.
User Action: A banking application that allows its users to register their bank account in the app and sends machinal push notifications showing the current balance in your account after you paid your bill to any restaurant or anywhere.
Time: If the application is combined with a calendar, the application will send reminders every single time a user has an event planned.
Event: Whenever anyone likes your photo on Instagram, you get a push notification. Such notifications fall under the mechanical category as they are prompted by a simple event.

Scheduled Push

Over a selected period, you can create a scheduled or recurring message. You can easily create notifications in advance and schedule them to send them accurately when you want them to.

By scheduling notifications, you can save your huge time or you can also set them to be recurring and then select the start and end date, the time it sends out, how often it repeats and on which day/s of the week.
You can also select to send a notification to users when they are within a defined location either arriving or leaving with scheduled push notifications.

Below, you can find some of the wonderful examples of scheduling push notifications:

Restaurant: It’s Two for One Tuesday! 241 on all Starters and Desserts whole day.
Sports Club/Gym: Don’t forget about the session on Saturday With Keyl at 6am!

Behavioral Notifications
Behavioral Notifications are those notifications that are mainly based on previous user behavior or statistical data. Such notifications deliver well-timed suggestions that based on data about your personal app usage.

In short, an application that is known for predicting what you want before you even know you want it. So, you can have a look at some of the examples:

News Notifications: Have you ever watching any movie on Netflix? It will notify you when another part of the movie comes out.
Personal Stylist Notifications: Many of us love to get recommendations about clothes based on our personal taste. H&M offers this facility. It uses in-depth personalized behavioral push notifications to boost sales. It acts as a personal stylist, giving different items with your latest purchases.
Cheer-up Notifications: Cheer-up notifications are a separate subset of behavioral push notifications. They know a users’ achievements and motivate them to keep going.

Geo-Fence Push

You can create one message, which will be sent to customers when they enter or leave a location. All the pro subscribers will get access to location settings that enable them to develop virtual perimeters across areas.

Then, you can send push notifications to all the users within the area. You can make use of geofencing to send location-specific messages to all those people, who are walking within the predefined area.

Here, you can know that how you can use geofencing:
Medical Centre App – when was your last check-up with the dentist? It’s time to get booked in.
Good Cause App – hello! We are having a charity fund day! Pop by some cake!

Content Notifications

If you are creating content, there are some of the topics that are worth pushing to your audience through mobile notifications. Ensure that you push such content that is relevant to the interests of each user.

It means if you are deploying this type of notification, make sure that you have collected user content preferences that based on their browsing patterns and user subscriptions to those topics.

When in doubt, you can send fewer of these notifications compare to bombard users with alerts to topics they don’t care about.

So, these are the 6 different types of push notifications for your application that users can enjoy. If you are looking forward to having a mobile application for your business or already have one and want to customize it with desired features, you can hire a mobile application development company that has hands-on experience in app development for Android, iOS, and other platforms.

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