Moto Z Unboxing Review


Moto Z Unboxing Review

Guess who’s back in the smartphone scene, after Lenovo purchased Motorola, they rebranded the brand to Moto & launched their latest smartphone offerings and their flagship phone, the Moto Z.

Moto Z Unboxing ReviewWe all know that Motorola once ruled the smartphone scene w/ their razor handsets until Apple launched it’s 1st iPhone which change the smartphone industry bigtime. The Moto Z is specifically designed to counterpart the latest iPhone handsets and the result of this unbox and review will prove if it can live to its expectation.

Moto Z Unboxing Review

I got the chance to unbox this smartphone where it comes in a nifty box (similar to Lenovo’s smartphones),

Inside the box includes
– 1 Moto Z unit
– Screen Protector
– Moto Style Shell
– Bumper case
– Fast Charger and Cable
– Cable Charger
– Pin (opening sim slot)
– Manuals/User Guide

Moto Z Unboxing Review


The exterior of the Moto Z is very sleek and stylish metallic finish. With its 5.5 screen size, it is still able to keep the unit very light and thin. Moto claimed that Moto Z is thinnest smartphone of its kind as of this writing. Their is no headphone jack in Moto Z which is kinda disappointing but understandable since they are targeting the premium handset users in the future where wireless earphone/headphones will take over in the smartphone pair up.

Moto Z Unboxing Review

The amazing thing about the Moto Z is that it has Dual Sim capabilities, though it is common for low to mid high end smartphones, this is rare for a premium handset like Moto Z and it also supports SD card for its storage aside from its 64 GB internal storage which is alreay big. Locate at the top right of the handset you can insert 2 nano sim and SD card in a single tray.

Moto Z Unboxing Review

The panel screen with 5.5” Quad HD AMOLED display. At 5.2mm, the smartphone packs a punch: it features a Qualcomm® Snapdragon TM 820 processor, 4GB of RAM. It also has a display of 2560 x 1440 which is can play very high graphic HD games and with all these specs it can still support up to 24 hours battery life.

Though it looks fragile if there is no mods or back cover, it is still protective by Corning Gorilla Glass for more protection from scratches. Fingerprint sensor works well especially when unlocking the screen which is very fast. At first I thought it was the home button.

Moto Z Unboxing Review

Since I am an avid smartphone gamer. I downloaded some high graphic HD games and try it myself how the Moto Z performs in these games.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt 8

Dawn Breaker

Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle

I, Gladiator




The camera has high resolution 13MP camera at the back with optimal image image stabilization and laser autofocus allows users to capture clear photos especially in low light images. I tried it personally an I was not disappointed where I can capture clear pictures even in zoom.

Moto Z Unboxing Review


This the unique feature that sets it apart from other smartphones where it increase the functionality and feature of your Moto Z by adding a hardware add-on that you can easily install at the backside of the Moto Z easily using a strong magnet. These mods are compatible with the current flagship Moto Z and Moto Z Play and can be used on all future Moto Z models.

Moto Z Unboxing Review

1. JBL® Soundboost Speaker Mod
– Its basically a mod for music lovers who wants to turn their smartphone into a super duper sub woofer where you can use it while partyin outdoors or just want to boost the music quality of your Moto Z, it also has 10 hours of battery life separate from the the handset.

Moto Z Unboxing Review

2. Moto Insta-Share Projector Mod
– This mod is probably a dream for those who love to watch movies in the cinema or loves projecting photos and presentations using a projector, imagine you can fit this mod inside your pocket an just show at snap of a button. it can project up to 70 inch images in any flat surfaces which is big with an hour battery life.

Moto Z Unboxing Review

3. Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mod
– This is probably my favorite mod since I love taking pictures and this mod is designed by Hasselblad which is the leader of digital cameras, by just attaching it to you Moto Z, you can forget your other Mirror Less cameras and just use your smartphohe since it camptures very high quality images with 12MP sensor resolution and video is FUll HD at 1080p. The exterior looks very great that you cannot believe you are using a smartphone with its traditional camera look.

Moto Z Unboxing Review

4. Moto Style Shell Mods
– This is the basic shell mod (which comes 1 free) when you buy a Moto Z. It is basically a back cover with designs, you can choose from real wood, leather or ballistic nylon that you can customize according to your outfit of the day.

Overall it is a great Smartphone from Moto, it is fast and snappy, though battery can be improved more but you have the option to get the Mod (Battery Pack Mod). This might be the future of smartphone you can just add a hardware attachment to improve its functionaly and feature. Time will tell if this will be the new trend that other companies will adopt.


Below are the Moto Mods™ respective retail prices:

Product Price

Moto Style Shell – Herringbone Nylon – Php 699

Moto Style Shell – Crimson Nylon – Php 699

Moto Style Shell – Black Leather – Php 999

Incipio offGRID Power Pack – Php 4,999

JBL Soundboost Speaker Mod – Php 5,499

Hasselblad True Zoom – Php14,099

Moto Insta-Share Projector – Php14,999

Moto Z price starts at P33,9999. The Moto Z Family is available at MemoXpress and Silicon Valley outlets in SM City Cebu.

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