4 Gadgets That Can Let You Help the Environment



Installation of solar system in the Philippines is becoming prevalent since many people are now being cautious to reduce their carbon footprint and join the green movement to preserve our environment.


Bamboo Laptop
You probably had seen leather, plastic, and even fur laptop. But did you already see a bamboo laptop? Computer brand, such as Asus produced their first bamboo laptop, Asus EcoBook, which is designed to convey Asus’ participation in the conserving the environment. Asus EcoBook has a core-2 duo processor, full size keyboard, and has the same features of the traditional laptop. However, their panels are recyclable, which makes this laptop eco-friendly.


Sensing Switch
Sensing switch is a gadget that automatically turns on the lights when you enter a room and turn it off when it senses inactivity in the room. Its sensing technology guarantees the lights stay on when there are people in the room. Since it has sensor features, sensing switch has ambient light detection, which can sense if there is a natural light in a certain room, and turns on only the light when needed. This is perfect for closets, laundry area, and garage, among others.


USBCell Rechargeable Batteries
Did you know that billions of alkaline batteries went to the landfill every year? Reduce that number by opting to rechargeable batteries. USBCell has AA batteries that can be charge with any USB charger. It looks like the ordinary AA battery, however, it has a USB plug at its other end, enabling the consumer to charge it to any USB ports, such as modern computers. The manufacturer of the USBCell aims to provide its customers a quality technology, which is economic and environment-friendly, too.


Water Pebble
Water pebble is an activated shower timer designed to reduce one’s shower time by seven seconds. This gadget has three colors: green (indicates the start of shower), yellow (indicated that you are halfway through), and red (indicates the end of shower). It can sense the water around it, so you do not need to turn it on and off. Moreover, water pebble can gradually change the person’s water consumption habits by sticking to the allotted shower time.

Surely, there are many ways on how to go green. You can install solar panels at your roof, practice recycling, reusing, and reducing, switching to LED and CFL light bulbs, go organic, and own some of the green gadgets mentioned above. Whatever way you choose, the essential part is that you are doing your share in conserving and protecting our Mother Earth. After all, it is our duty to make the world a better place to live in not only for us but for the future generation as well.

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