Best PC Tricks And Tips 2017 Computer Hacks

Best PC Tricks Tips
Here I will discuss some useful Keyboard, file management, security tricks which will help you in 2017.

Best PC Tricks And Tips

So let’s start.

Keyboard shortcuts to save time and effort

Switching hands between keyboard and mouse is one hectic task. Most of us can wrap up our work within time using keyboard shortcuts.

Best PC Tricks And Tips 2017 Computer Hacks 


Everybody knew that we can use print screen to copy entire window. But we can also use Alt + Print Screen to copy active window to clip board.

Undo Tabs/files

Normal Undo command Ctrl + Z can also be used to bring back deleted or replaced files. You can also use Ctrl + Shift + T to bring back the recently closed tab.

Best PC Tricks And Tips 2017 Computer Hacks 

Switching back and forth

You can switch between running programs on computer by Alt + Tab command.

Avoid restart

Use ALT + Ctrl + delete whenever your computer hangs because of any program. This command interrupts every running program and you can close troubled program to avoid restart. You can also open task manager directly by using Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Minimize all programs

Minimizing programs one by one takes lot of time and work. You can simply use Windows + D command to minimize everything and get back to desktop. 

Best PC Tricks And Tips 2017 Computer Hacks 

Close current window

Close current window by pressing Ctrl + W.

System information window

Avoid old ways and use Window + Pause/break Buttons to bring system information in front of you.

File management Tricks

You can rename a file by pressing F2 while the file is already selected.  You can change all the file names to give them order without any software by selecting all ( Ctrl + A )  and change the name of first file by right clicking or F2. This will change other files names with same root name and suffix at the end.

Security tips and tricks for PC 

Sometimes computers infected with malwares do not allow you to run some programs. In this case you can change the name of exe file and change extension to .com.
Always read carefully about agreement to avoid extensions and unwanted programs packed inside software. The common example of unwanted programs is task bars in browser.

Tricks for gamers

Download “Steam” to move all games in one HDD or partition of HDD. Many gamers already knew this trick. But the real trouble happened when drive reach its capacity limit. To fix this you have to download “Steamtool Library Manager” to move all games to another partition without making any trouble.

Sync audio and subtitles of video

You can use VLC to sync audio and subtitles of any video. You can use J and K to move audio backward and forward in VLC. You can also sync subtitles by using H and G. I hope combination of all these tips will make your daily computer use more enjoyable and practical.  

Don’t forget to share more tricks in comments. Hope these tricks help you. 

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  1. Here in this post i found a very much useful information, these are the most common keyboard short cuts which we need to know to work faster.

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