How To Hack A Computer | Easiest Way to Hack into Someones Computer

How To Hack A Computer
In this world you find good and bad people. Same happened over internet. On one hand, good people work hard to build computer networks, companies and well established brands. On the other hand, bad people try to break in to these networks to steal data and secrets, credit card information and for recreational purposes. These bad people are often tagged as “hackers”.

How To Hack A Computer

Computer systems, networks, ISP providers, famous websites, banks are mostly targeted by hackers. Hackers are also employed to steal data from other countries secret services networks. Famous companies like Nokia, apple, Samsung are also targeted by Professional hackers in past.

How To Hack A Computer | Easiest Way to Hack into Someones Computer 

Most of the time, Professional hackers are unknown and work behind the scene. They also helped companies to improve their security measures. Most people think that hackers are “cool”. They want to be like them to hack computers. But firstly I have to remind you that hacking is illegal and hackers can end up in prison. They are not heroes.

I will share types of hackers before jumping to how they hack computers. Mainly they are two types of hackers. One type is of destroyers and the other ones are builders. They both have the same knowledge and they both use it to achieve different goals. Some hackers are just new programmers or kids who are having fun. 

Some are recreational hackers. They hack any site or network because they want to show their supremacy. Real ones are termed as professional hackers. They are tech experts with nothing to lose in life. They have reason to breach and steal stuff.
Do you want to know how they hack Computers?

How To Hack A Computer | Easiest Way to Hack into Someones Computer 

If yes, then read following terms and techniques which are used for hacking computer.

Back door. In back door technique hacker gain access to a network or computer using a secret pathway. They find loop holes and exploit them to enter.

Buffer overflow. In this technique Buffer application is used to deliver malicious commands to computer.

Dos Attack. Denial of service attack is done to shut down any server with traffic beyond its capacity. False traffic is used to surpass servers limit.
Email worm. Emails which contain malwares and key loggers are often sent to large groups of people to do as much damage as possible.

Root access. Root access is used to gain complete control of computer system.
Root kit. Root kit is as set of tools used to gain more control over system.
Session hijacking is a technique in which hacker inject malicious data packets in your actual transmission of data online.

How To Hack A Computer | Easiest Way to Hack into Someones Computer 

Trojan, Malware, Key logger are often disguised as other software to lure someone into downloading. Trojan horse will infect the computer as soon as someone downloads this file and opens it. These types of malwares are often hard to detect without firewalls and antivirus.

So always use antivirus and firewalls to protect yourself. Always remain cautious and not give your personal bank data to any unauthorized website or email. Always use strong passwords.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe on internet 🙂

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