Taking SAP HANA and developing it offline is easier now.

Offline options make development easier with more streamlined experience.
Originally launched five years ago, HANA uses an in-memory computing engine where data is stored in RAM, for enabling faster performance. But more recently, Hana has updated its features with expanded analytic abilities that possess tougher security. SAP is aiming to make HANA, in-memory database, and analytic platform, available free and offline to the developers. In order to make it simpler for the developers to work with HANA, and to build applications on its platform, SAP has announced new in-memory express edition that is free to download and use on the desktop, laptop or in the cloud. SAP is building its HANA platform ecosystem, to court developers beyond their customer base to make it easy for the developers to experiment with SAP HANA and its prototype. 
Offline options make development easier with more streamlined experience.
This express edition is freely accessible to companies of all sizes and shapes. This version is a streamlined one to the original version as it enables developers to bring down HANA to the personal computer, on which he/she feels comfortable with.
  • It delivers database, application, and advanced analytic services on a single platform.
  • This new express edition can be developed, tested and deployed for production applications that utilize a memory of 32 GB.
  • If developers desire, they can upgrade for more GB with a nominal fee.
  • It aids developers in building applications that execute transactional and analytical processing against a single copy of both structured or unstructured data.
  •  It can be developed from the SAP Developer centers and installed on commodity servers, laptops, and desktops using a binary installation package supporting either SUSE Linux Enterprise server or Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • It can even be installed on Windows and Mac OS via virtual machine installation image distributed with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • It can be used offline and can be synced back online, whenever necessary.
  • It is also available on cloud platform AWS and in SAP’s cloud appliance library, that provide deployment options for public cloud platforms.
All new Personal Edition, SAP Web IDE
On the HANA cloud front, SAP enabled more offline coding with SAP Web IDE, the personal edition.The company has announced SAP Web IDE for offline application development that performs automatic synchronization upon connection to the cloud along with a new SDK (Software Development Kit) to accompany Web IDE. It supports the quick creation of new application templates and integrates partner tools into this Web IDE. Partners and developers can build their own plugins into it.All the small-to-medium size enterprises have access to data management and app development platform, that is regularly used by large-sized enterprises. Whenever connectivity is made available, Web IDE syncs with cloud versions.
Below are some important features of personal edition of IDE:
  • Can be installed on a personal workstation for offline development by a single developer. It seamlessly integrates to other SAP HANA Cloud platform abilities.
  • Ability to work from anywhere, even under the conditions of internet disconnection. The work can be resumed to cloud after a brief sync.
  • When subscribed to Web IDE of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, it offers testing, evaluation and productive offline development for customers.
Both SAP HANA express edition and SAP Web IDE, reflect digital transformation and a renewed dedication to being responsive to the developer needs. SAP has made a clear statement that its future largely rests on Hana, in-memory computing platform. This new edition is making developers enjoy the ‘ability to test and code whenever and wherever they are’. The offline development is also a move to put HANA, SAP’s apps and Fiori interface in front of more developers.Mindmajix SAP Hana training will provides great insights what we talked till now.

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