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Waterproof Cases That Have Saved Over 10000 iPhones



Phone in water

Best Waterproof Cases for your iPhone

With the exception of the iPhone 7, all the iPhones were quite vulnerable to water. A simple splash, drop or just an overturning of a water-filled glass is all that it needs to wash away all the bucks you put for your iPhone! But this will hardly be a problem for you if you have a waterproof case for your iPhone. In this post, we take a look at the best waterproof cases that you should buy for your iPhone.
Phone in water

Before I start here, I recommend you check out Punkcase, a company which caught my attention, that make waterproof cases among a whole bunch of other cases.

1. Optrix by Body Glove Pro Kit for iPhone 6/6S

Optrix by Body Glove Pro Kit for iPhone 6/6sOptrix by Body Glove Pro Kit for iPhone 6/6S


  • Waterproof to 33FT (10M), IP68 rated
  • Drop tested and survived 20ft (6m)
  • Crush resistant unibody construction
  • 4 aluminum and glass interchangeable lenses (Normal 0˚ Lens, 165 Degree Wide Angle, Macro, Telephoto 2x Zoom)
  • Fully mountable,

Optrix also provides a protective touchscreen membrane which allows smooth operation of your iPhone without letting you down on the task of protecting your phone from water. Optrix has got several waterproofing cases that offer quality protection for iPhones. Do check them out!

2. Levin Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S

Levin Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S


Superior Protection

Completely sealed, blocking out water, dust, sand, mud, snow, ice etc in extreme environment and grants you the freedom to surf, swim, snorkel, ski, drift, run, train and relax without having to worry about your phone.

Outstanding Feature 

Clear sound can be heard and captured through the Non-permeable membranes vents. At 47g weight /12 mm thick, it won’t add much bulk to your phone; the rubber covering Headphone jack is detachable for replacement due to daily wear and tear!

Advanced Design

Fashionable and durable design makes it much more safer and offers better protection for your phone. 

With case on, every port and button functions without hassle and you can control the volume, text message, click pictures and answer calls.


  • Perfect cutouts for iPhone 6 (4.7 in), easy and complete access to all key functions like volume, charging, headphone jack, home button (Fingerprint ID), mute, power and etc.
  • IP68 standard Waterproof and fully sealed, submersible to over 6.6 ft deep; rugged built polycarbonate frame with exceeded military standard, withstanding shock and drop from 6.6ft high.
  • Front cover with built-in screen protector of crystal clarity prevents scratches without compromising sensitivity, it allows you scroll the screen up and down at your will.
  • Sound Enhancement System improves audio quality, through which clear sound can be heard and captured. Squealing sound issue on the old version of Levin case for iPhone 6 won’t happen to this version.
  • Package includes Levin waterproof case, headphone adapter, user manual, cleaning cloth, lanyard and 12 months warranty.

Price: $12.99

3. Pelican Marine Waterproof Case for iPhone 6, 6S, 6+, 6S+

Pelican Marine Waterproof Case for iPhone 6, 6S, 6+, 6S+

The Pelican marine case shields your smartphone from the elements: water, snow, dirt, and dust. Its slim five-layer covering offers a great protection for your iPhone and its screen from scratches, impacts, and drops.


  • IP68 waterproof protection for complete and continuous submersion under water. Protection from dirt, snow, and dust. Audio may sound muffled due to the nature of waterproof cases and the need for a water-tight seal.
  • Constructed of impact absorbing materials – elastomer inside a rigid polycarbonate shell.
  • Tested to military standards (MIL-STD 810G) to survive multiple drops and impact.
  • Scratch resistant screen protector with balanced acoustic sound porting that provides superior audio.
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Weight- 6.4 ounces, Dimensions- 6.7 × 3.4 × 0.5 inches.

4. Dog and Bone Wetsuit Impact Case for iPhone 6, 6S

Dog and Bone Wetsuit Impact Case for iPhone 6, 6S


  • It features a 9H flexible glass impact protection, and a high performance screen coating for anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge, anti-scratch, while at the same time not affecting touch screen sensitivity.
  • A Triple layer of shock protection with its silicon and polycarbonate back combined with a rubber bumper, means it can withstand the water pressure when you jump from land to water.
  • It has a premium non-slip rubber bumper for a better feel in the hand, and improved grip both in and out of water.
  • It is IP68 rated for maximum protection against water, snow, dirt and dust. It is submersible to a depth of 6.6ft for 1hr.
  • Military drop Tested (MIL STD 810G) – The case doesn’t only meet but also exceeds military standards to withstand drops from 6.6 feet!

5. Catalyst iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Shock Resistant Case

Catalyst iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Shock Resistant Case

Made to be the classic, everyday waterproof case for the iPhone 6 Plus, this iconic case by Catalyst is ideal for everyday use and always ready for your most outrageous adventure without you having to worry even a spec about your phone.


  • ARMED WITH MILITARY GRADE SHOCK RESISTANCE PROTECTIONThis Catalyst case is military grade drop tested for 6.6 feet (2 meters). It exceeds MIL-STD 810G for shocks and drops. It is an impact resistant, rugged polycarbonate, with light silicone case.
  • MAKE YOU IPHONE WATER AND SNOW PROOFTake it with you as deep as 16.4 feet (5 meters)! The case is anti-dust, smudge resistant and also sea water compatible.
  • FEEL NO INCONVENIENCE AS CATALYST HAS GOT INTEGRATED ULTRA-SENSITIVE SCREEN PROTECTOR Get complete access to all buttons, sensors, cameras, flash along with Touch ID (non water marking membrane that allows full finger print Biometric scan). The case does not hinder in showcasing the iconic design of the front of your iPhone.

These cases are at the top of the chart when it comes to providing ultimate waterproofing protection for your iPhone. Since an iPhone does cost a good amount, it is better to spend a little extra to provide it a layer of protection while at the same time, not at all compromising on design, usability and other important criterias!

Like our selection? Share it! And do share your thoughts on the list of these waterproof cases for iPhones!

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Android application development, an area with great job opportunities




The development of mobile applications in various sectors requires updated professionals in design, programming and user experience. This considering the wide range of functions and importance for current industries

Cryptocurrencies, metaverse, super Apps and creator tools are prominent trends in mobile app development for the coming years, according to experts. These innovations demonstrate the continuing transformative power of mobile devices and human creativity. As a result, professionals with a Professional Master’s Degree Mobile Application Developmentg will be increasingly in demand by companies in all industries.

Today it is inconceivable to imagine life without a mobile device that keeps us connected and communicating with the outside world. The sales of these devices are experiencing an annual growth of 20%, reaching an average of 243 million units sold. More people are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, and this trend is increasing globally thanks to the constant technological advances and the diverse capabilities offered by these devices.

For these reasons, in a constantly evolving market, it is crucial to get ability in mobile technology project analysis techniques, taking advantage of wireless communications, the distinct types of mobile devices, and the options available for application development. It is necessary to be aware of the latest trends and tools to ensure success in this dynamic and competitive environment.



Cutting-edge development for Android devices


As this field is always moving at breakneck speed, new development architectures such as MVVM (Model-View-View Model) and Clean Architecture have been established, which promote a clear separation of responsibilities and support easier maintenance and scalability of applications. These architectures promote modularity, testability and robustness of applications.

On the other hand, Android Instant Apps allow users to run applications without installing them on their devices. This supplies a smoother and faster experience, as users can access specific functions of an app without taking up storage space. These advances in architecture and user experience are gradually contributing to the improvement and innovation in Android application development.

Significant improvements have likewise been made to the performance and speed of mobile applications, perfecting load time, memory efficiency, and power consumption. This ensures a smooth and fast experience for users, avoiding long waiting times or performance issues. In addition, there has been increased focus on security and user data protection, with biometric authentication and data encryption, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of personal information.

Areas of action in mobile application development



As a mobile application developer, you can explore different professional sectors in which you can work. In essence, you can work for software development companies or digital agencies, creating mobile applications for platforms such as iOS and Android. You can also venture into the entertainment industry, collaborating in the development of mobile games for iOS and Android devices.

You can also choose to work independently as a freelancer, offering your services in the development of mobile applications in contract projects, which gives you autonomy and flexibility in your work. You can also specialize in the development of applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), taking advantage of the growing demand for professionals capable of creating mobile applications that interact with networked devices in a constantly evolving technological environment.

On the other hand, it is also a good option to be part of companies looking to improve their internal processes and increase the productivity of their employees through the development of customized applications. It is essential to be able to design and create technological solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each company, optimizing its operations and easing access to key information.


TECH Technological University

In this sense, to venture into any of these areas, specializing in the Master of TECH is a great option because it multiplies your job growth options. This university has the most complete online academic offer and the endorsement and recognition of institutions of international importance. For example, it is currently the official university of the NBA and Forbes has highlighted it as the largest digital university in the world.


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Along the same lines, TECH has the prestige of being Google Partner Premier 2023. Thus, its excellent academic quality is recognized by the most leading international entities and institutions.


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Arcade & Action

New Metal Slug Awakening Release



Following the latest updates from VNGGames, Metal Slug: Awakening will kick off its Soft Launch in selected regions starting next week.

The Soft launch of the most-anticipated legendary mobile game – Metal Slug: Awakening will begin from June 28 across multiple regions: Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It will be available on Android only.

New Metal Slug Awakening Release

Here are some of the key details for the Soft Launch:

– Time: From 10:00 am on June 28 to the end of July 11, 2023

– Platform: Android

– How to participate: Download the app on Android to join from 14:00 on June 27


– Limited quantity: 6,000 roles/1 market

– Form: Test experience, reset data and request refunds.

– The refund will be announced on the official fanpage.

New Metal Slug Awakening Release

Players can register to join the Soft Launch here:

As the number of servers is limited, the publisher will apply a first-come, first-served basis. Once the server reaches the limit of 6,000 roles, the server will be automatically closed to ensure the best user experience for all participants.


VNGGames has already announced that the game will be released in 8 Asian regions earlier this year.

Metals Slug: Awakening is the mobile version of the classic & legendary run ‘n gun game – Metal Slug, licensed by SNK and fully supervised and developed by TiMi Studio. The game was first unveiled at Tencent’s game conference in 2021 and has since then launched in Mainland China this April.

New Metal Slug Awakening Release

From arcade to mobile platform, Metal Slug: Awakening retains most of the signature features that made the classic shoot-em-up game legendary: from the simple yet addictive side-scrolling gameplay to various maps & bosses   as well as the iconic heroes like Marco, Tarma, Fio, Eri plus the well-known super vehicles – SV-001, Camel and the exclusive weapon systems.

New Metal Slug Awakening Release

Signature characters will come back with an utterly brand-new look.

Metal Slug: Awakening is not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane, the game will also facilitate numerous innovations and updates which include: the ultimate upgrade of pixelated visuals to 3D graphics, raging combat mode, as well as the brand-new thrilling ‘Hot Pursuit’ and ‘The Maze’. Not only that, but players could also interact with others through the social system and engage in ‘Joint Operation’ with friends – unleashing the full power of teamwork as you conquer epic battles and explore the exciting world-map together.

New Metal Slug Awakening Release

Metal Slug: Awakening Soft launch will kick-start on June 28. VNGGames also confirms that the in-game top-up during the Soft Launch will be refunded in OB. More detailed information regarding this will be shared via the developer’s channel. For more information on Metal Slug: Awakening, please stay tuned for the latest updates on the official page at Commanders! Gear up and be ready for the Soft Launch next week!

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GreenDroid Full Seminar Report, Abstract And Presentation



Download GreenDroid Documentation and PPT  for Technical Seminar: As we all know, In our studies, we should give a technical seminar at our college. students should give a technical seminar in the final year. This technical seminar consists of 50 marks for Students.

As there are so many technical seminar topics but Greendroid has its Own popularity. I have seen many people love to present their seminar on Greendroid has a vast topic and we can talk about technology and more.

GreenDroid Documentation PPT Free Download

So you can free download the GreenDroid Documentation and GreenDroid Ppt from here. Just download all the ppt and Documentation from the given below download links and enjoy using them.

 My Own Experience For Technical Seminar On GreenDroid:

As my own experience, I am telling you, I have given my Technical seminar on Topic Called GreenDriod. First, I started searching for the topics for the technical seminar. I have seen Many topics but none of the topics looked good. So I have searched for more and more hours, at last, I found a topic called GreenDroid. By seeing the title (Greendroid) I stop my searching and started searching for Documentation of Greendroid. Nearly for 3 to 4 days, I was searching for documentation of Greendroid. I never found it.

At last, I have started preparing the documentation of Greendroid. I have completed it in 5 days. After completion of Documentation, I again started Preparing for PPT. At last, I successfully prepared the Documentation and Ppt of Greendroid.


GreenDroid PPT Free Download



This is my experience in searching for the Greendroid topic. So one thing I am going to tell is that “You will never Find Prepared Documentation of Greendroid on Internet”. Many people like me will waste the time for Searching documentation of Greendroid. So here I have provided the Complete Documentation of 36 pages with a PPT.
Don’t waste the time in searching. Come to techrulz and Download the Greendroid Doc.

Click the below Link to Download GreenDroid Documentation

The PPT Looks like the below manner




Click the below Link to Download GreenDroid PPT:

Click the Below link to download the Table of Content and Table of Figure:

So you can download from here for free. I am once again reminding you that you can’t find this Greendroid Documentation any very on the internet. So download here for free. Don’t waste the time for downloading. So download and enjoy giving the Greendroid Technical seminar at your college. Stay tuned to Techrulz for step by step guides and Tutorials.

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