Most Common Top 10 Hacking Techniques Ever 2017

Top  Hacking Techniques

Unethical hacking is illegal worldwide and can get anyone behind the bars. Internet users are always prone to unethical hackers. Hackers are trying to steal credit card information, bank details, email accounts and personal data by exploiting loop holes in system. Most internet users have to learn these basic techniques to avoid being scammed on internet.

Top 10 Hacking Techniques

The following list describes various ways hackers commonly use for hacking.


Keylogging is one the most common and widely used technique by hackers. Keylogger when installed in your hard drive can record every key stroke of your keyboard. Keylogger record all data in a log file which is then sent back to the hacker. Many banking sites prefer to use virtual keyboard to avoid keylogger.

Most Common Top 10 Hacking Techniques Ever 2017

 (DoSDDoS) Denial of service

Flooding a server, site or a system with traffic beyond its capacities causes them to crash. This process is called Denial of service attack. Hackers use botnets and other resources to perform Dos? DDos attack.

Waterhole attacks

This is somewhat similar to animals in jungle and waterhole. All animals comes to waterhole every once in a while to drink water. Hacker stalk the victim is this type of attack. A simple example is an open source WiFi in your favorite coffee shop in the town.

Fake WAP

This somewhat works similar to water hole attack. In this hacking technique hacker can disguise as a famous open source WAP. Hackers can access personal information and data of anyone who connect to this fake WAP network.

Most Common Top 10 Hacking Techniques Ever 2017


Eaves dropping are a kind of attack in which hacker just act passively to gain unwanted information either from a system or network.


This is one of the oldest hacking techniques in hacking culture. Hacker send a spoofed link to users via email or any other source of one of the most used sites to gain access of his personal information. Once you tried to login on spoofed page the hacker gets your privates information and attacks victim with Trojan horse on fake site.


Virus/ Trojan once installed in system will send all information of victim to hacker until you find and uninstall all its files.

Most Common Top 10 Hacking Techniques Ever 2017


In this type of attack hackers hijacks your clicks on a webpage and direct then to the page where he wants you to be.

Cookie theft

Cookies record all personal records of browsing history, id and passwords. If hacker can somehow get access of your cookies then he can do anything faking himself as you in browser.

Bait and switch

This is also a type of virus or Trojan. The simple difference is it is easier to identify. In this type of attack hackers upload something as an authentic document with a virus in it. Hackers can access anyone who downloads the file.

To avoid all these troubles always use an antivirus and avoid downloading from unauthorized sites. Also carefully see the web address before entering your personal information.

I hope you a safe journey on internet. 

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