How Wearables Have Integrated with Online Gaming

Wearables are revolutionising the online market and are changing the face of gaming fgambling orever. Learn more about how smartwatches have changed the way we play.

The Evolution of Wearables 

While the Apple Smartwatch may be the biggest wearable to launch in history, it must not be forgotten that this gadget is a relative latecomer to this constantly expanding group of high tech devices.
I am not just talking about the fact that Apple lagged a couple of months behind Sony and Samsung either –the first-ever smartwatch dates right back to 1927, and there was a subsequent boom in these devices in the 1980s and 1990s too.

The First Smartwatch to be Released

In 1927, the Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator was released, and, although there was no inbuilt GPS functionality, it would still certainly have helped you navigate your route from A to B. You would have been required to slot in the scroll map cartridge for the route you wished to follow, from Bournemouth to London, perhaps, and off you would go.
Skipping ahead a couple of years and a number of devices would bring us to the Breitling Emergency Watch, released in 1995. It was able to pack an SOS signal that could be picked up from anywhere inside of 90 nautical miles of the wearer, and was, in fact, credited in aiding with the rescue of two pilots from the United Kingdom after they suffered a helicopter crash in the middle of Antarctica in 2003. In 2013 the Emergency II debuted, and can be acquired these days for just under £10 000.

Gaming on Today’s Smartwatches

These days, you don’t have to head to a land-based casino or bookmaker in order to play online pokies in NZ or bet on horse racing events in Dubai. Simply look to your wrist, and enjoy the pokies and other real money games that are readily available at the tap of the screen.
Video slots games were the first of these to be made available for wearables, but nowadays you can brush up your baccarat skills, roll out your roulette abilities, display your talent for dice games or flair for blackjack as you please.

Specific Requirements for Gambling and Betting Apps

Since all of the smartwatch operating systems are slightly dissimilar from one another, the apps that work by means of them are required to function slightly differently too. There are currently applications for both iOS and Android games, but Microgaming is intent on developing universal apps that are able to be made use of on all devices without necessitating completely different software.
2014 saw the Samsung Gear S launched, boasting 3G connectivity that allowed it to function without the help of an accompanying smartphone. The Apple Watch, initially launched in 2015, raised the bar and set off a development war that sees players and wearers alike benefitting from the additional functionalities of the wearables available in today’s market. From playing games to communicating, planning your schedule, tracking your sleep patterns or your workout, smartwatches do it all.
Good gets better, too, and we can all look forward to additional developments that amplify the already not inconsiderable conveniences that wearables have to offer in the not too distant future.

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