Smartphone Buying Guide: 8 Essential Tips To Look For


Which factors do you keep in mind while buying a new smartphone? You might have different preferences but there are some features that you shouldn’t compromise with. We are here with a smartphone buying guide that’ll help you in this process.

With the fact being true enough that there is a plethora of smartphones flooding the market each month, you have to find the best one when you decide to buy a new phone. Most of the times, you’ll be enthralled by the awesome features like the smartest designs, cutting-edge technology etc. And, in that kind of scenario, the whole process of selecting the right phone for yourself becomes a really tough one.
Moreover, as the new models get launched, the leading technology stores always update their collection with the latest ones. And most of the times, you’ll get various deals and discount offers from such stores to save huge bucks. So, grab the promotional offers from FonesHome now and snap up your saving like never before!!   
Now, here we have the essential points that’ll certainly help you to clear out the perplexing thoughts in your mind about how to choose the perfect phone that will last for the longest period of time. And, it will also lead you to make your selection easily.
Let’s get started!

8 Tips: Smartphone Buying Guide

1. Get the right display for you

When you’re buying a smartphone, look for the perfect screen size according to your purpose. If one-hand use is important to you or you’ve smaller hands then go for a phone with a maximum size of 5.5 inches. And if you’re fond of watching lots of videos or playing games then get a bigger screen size. So, the screen size of your phone is totally dependent on your use and what kind of physical features you’ve.
Smartphones with displays larger than 5.5 inches, have been called phablets because they’re nearly tablet-size. These phones are great for watching videos, reading e-books and running two apps side by side.
Phones in 5.3-inch size range are good for people who want a good balance between  a design that’s front-pocket friendly and an immersive entertainment experience.
The main reason to buy a small-screen smartphone is for its compact design. You won’t have to stretch your thumb to reach anything, and the phone will fit easily into a pocket. Small phones such as the 4.7-inch and 5-inch are compact and powerful
2. Operating System 

One of the most important consideration while buying a brand new smartphone is knowing about the mobile platforms they run on. There are 3 major mobile platforms popular all around the world. Android gives you more choice. it is less restricted in terms of sharing options. If you’re torn between iOS and Android, opt for an iPhone if you want something that’s easy to use and gets both the hottest apps first and timeliest software updates. It has whole ecosystem of apps and services. Android is better if you want more hardware choice and more affordable options.
Microsoft on the other hand is fluid enough to carry out all the tasks except gaming with least hardware requirements. The app availability is not as good as the other 2 platforms but eventually it will catch up sooner or later. 

3. At least 32 GB storage

Smartphones with 16 GB memory just seems not to work for anyone nowadays. It’s because the majority of us love to click pics, make videos and store many things in our smartphones to keep it handy. That’s why get a smartphone with at least 32 GB storage or get the one with expandable memory.

4. Maximum battery backup

If you’ve one of the flagship smartphones but with a poor battery backup then it’s of no use. Ideally, a phone should be able to last you a day of moderate use. And if it is not able to do so then that’s not a right phone for you. Whenever you’re buying a phone you should take care of the fact that it has at least 2000mAh battery and 15 hours of talk time. A particular smartphone with such specifications will last a day for sure.

5. Design is a basic necessity

A good or bad smartphone design is a highly subjective matter but if you care about build quality and aesthetics, then you should look for a metal or glass design or a phone that offers both. And also make sure that your phone is water-resistant as durability is one of the main features which you can look for in a smartphone.

6. Camera is of utmost importance

Now, we’re in such an era of smartphone evolution that camera matters more than the processor. It’s because most of us use phones as our primary shooters. You can find more and more smartphones with at least 12 megapixels of camera, but don’t just go for one such. Instead, pay some extra attention to the image quality, aperture, speed, etc. A wide f/1.8 or f/1.7 aperture is something you should obviously look for as this will help you to take great pictures in dim light.
So, make sure you look for the features mentioned above in a smartphone before you decide to buy a new one next time.
7. Budget that suits your pocket

We’re not saying the smartphones aren’t worth it, but there are compelling alternatives. If you’re looking to save some money and still get a very capable handset, take a good look at unlocked Android phones. The best of these models offer surprisingly good value, including solid performance, full-HD screens and long battery life.
Just keep in mind that most unlocked phones work only with GSM carriers, and not the CDMA-based networks. But there are some exceptions. Be sure to check the specs.

8. Exchange or trade in offers

FonesHomes offer exchange of your old smartphone with new one at a discounted price, if you have smartphone that is old enough that you don’t want to use, you can trade in with new smartphone and get most discount on the phone.

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