Your Future Smartphone May Have One of These Cool Features

Can you imagine having a bendable or foldable smartphone or one with a built-in projector? Find out what other features your future phone might have.

Upcoming Evolutions Your Next Smartphone (or maybe the one after the next) May Feature


Let’s face it, they don’t call smartphones “smart” for nothing. Since their inception, these mobile devices have always possessed smarter capabilities than the standard mobile or feature phone. Functioning very similar to mini-computers, they have evolved over the years from being cool and convenient to essential for many people.

In addition to having standard call, texting and web browsing capabilities, today’s average smartphone also functions as a high-tech camera, wallet, video streamer, music player, gaming device and so on. Plus, it does all this while enabling millions of people to stay connected whether they are at home or on the go.

With new innovations happening in the world of technology all the time, this may have lead you to wonder what cell phones will look like in 2030 and beyond. When you think about it, 2030 is just over a decade away and when you look back at the evolution of the smartphone, you know that a lot can happen in 10 years.

With that in mind, here are some upcoming evolutions that may affect smartphones of the not-to-distant future.

VR and AR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have already been introduced into the mobile world but there is definitely room to grow on both fronts, especially where mobile gaming is concerned. This could mean that in the future, enjoying your favorite games or even playing games in mobile casinos will be even more exciting by delivering a more real-world and in-the-moment experience to players. Furthermore, in an effort to create a more seamless experience between the physical and digital worlds, in addition to AR and VR, 3D screens and holograms could be other features that provide you with a whole new way to interact with your phone.

Phones that bend and fold

Do you sometimes wish that your phone was more flexible? You’re not alone. Technology firms like Nokia and Lenovo have already been conducting research on bendable and foldable phones  and have built prototypes such as the Nokia’s Morph and Lenovo’s CPlus. Can you imagine being able to wrap your mobile phone around your wrist and then unfolding it to use as a handset when needed? As interesting as this idea is, if these phones existed, they may be more of a fad than a practical device people want.

Enhanced voice control

Artificial intelligent systems like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, etc. are only getting smarter with time. Not only is it believed that there will be advancements made in voice control when talking to computers but also in having them talk back.

Future Smartphones may not be phones at all

According to an apocalyptic article by the Independent, there may not be a future for smartphones. While they are all the rage right now, many companies are working on experimental technologies that go beyond the smartphone. For instance, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are all working on building AR headsets that are rumored to project 3D images straight into the eye.

In fact, Alex Kipman from Microsoft told Business Insider that AR could actually replace the smartphone, the television and anything with a screen. The reason? What would be the point of using a separate device if all your chats, calls, games, movies, etc. were beamed directly into your eyes and overlaid on the word that surrounds you?

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