Dell XPS 13 Review: One of the Best Laptops/Ultrabooks Built Yet

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Dell XPS 13 Review: Should you Buy it?

Dell XPS 13

The 2015 version of the XPS 13 was launched at CES in January and made a big impression among the public as it was among other reasons, very small in size. 

When you look at the XPS 13 the first thing you will notice is how thin the bezels are around the display. At 5.2 mm, they were, and still is one of the thinnest bezels around in a laptop. Dell claimed that the 13 inch XPS 13 was packed in the chassis of an 11-inch display.

But not just dimensions, Dell has managed to pack in very modern hardware to showcase the laptop packing in Intel’s then-latest 5th generation Broadwell-U processors. Fast forward to 2017 and Dell has taken all the slim carbon fiber goodness from their flagship Ultrabook and applied it to the brand new hybrid. 

Available at a starting price of $999, the XPS 13 2-in-1 is a totally new design and distinct features. The chassis, for example is even lighter than the previous XPS 13! Dell has added a new feature called the Dynamic Power Mode technology, which bumps up clock speed when you need more performance.

Considering the XPS 13 now packs in itself Intel’s Core M or currently known as Intel’s Y Series Kaby Lake processor, it is surely a powerful device. Of course there are a few compromises here and there, most notably being the fewer ports and lesser battery life than the standard XPS 13, but the XPS 13 2-in-1 hybrid is an excellent device. 


Thin and light design. 
Great build quality.
Smooth performance. 
Windows ink support. 
Fingerprint sensor speed and accuracy

  • Rivals have better battery life. 
  • Heats up significantly.
  • Weird webcam position.
  • Annoying auto brightness

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