How modern technology has revolutionized the gambling industry

The rapid development of modern day internet technology has had an enormous effect on our lives. The gambling industry has been particularly impacted.

How Technology has Changed the Face of Online Gambling
The advent of the internet has totally changed the way we gamble, and has not just made a difference on a practical level, either.
In terms of its history, the gambling industry has always been one to very quickly adapt to change. As far back as the days of the telegram, bookmakers very quickly made note of how that kind of connectivity could increase their business’ scope. Over the last 2 decades, online gambling’s popularity has steadily increased, and this has had an incredible effect on even the general perception of gambling, punters, and the places they choose to engage in games of chance. It is no longer the smoke-filled room of the backyard bookmaker that springs to mind when one thinks of gambling –the internet has ensured that it stands as a relatively respectable leisure pursuit of Joe and Jane Average.
The Move to Mobile Casino Games
The rapid advances of mobile technology have been a key factor in terms of bringing the world of gambling into the mainstream consciousness, and has thus revolutionised each and every aspect of this industry. It has affected everyone, from slots players who spin the reels now and then, to professional gamblers who spend a lot of time at poker tables, and the ripple effect has even been felt in the world of in-play betting on sports.
Being able to not only play, but bet on, a favourite game at an online casino or sports event at a bookmaker when and where it suits you has been an incredible leap, and, when this is coupled with the incredibly high levels of performances that modern smartphones and tablets are able to accomplish, along with almost constant connectivity possibilities, the figures speak for themselves.
Mobile gambling currently accounts for about a 3rd of all money which is staked globally, and it is very likely to pass the 50% mark in the next 5 years.
No Downloads Required to Enjoy Play
No Download casinos offer players incredible flexibility and a range of advantages and have also made a huge difference to the way people enjoy casino games. These allow you to play both free and real money games without requiring that you load your device with extra software. The other benefits include:
  • No extra memory is required for the use of a software download in order to play casino games
  • You do not need to wait for your game to begin
  • It suits the needs of generally overloaded tablets and smartphones in terms of the space required for even tiny packages which require downloading and installing
In days gone by, players could access a single game online, or would have to download software in order to play, now, no download casinos offer instant access to 100’s of games at a time.
The Burgeoning Reality of Smartwatch Casinos
Smartwatch gambling is the latest trend to take over the world of online gambling, and this platform allows players to gamble straight from the devices on their wrists.
Many of the world’s top gaming software development companies, as well as betting operators, are creating applications that are able to run smoothly on these minute devices, and the world of connectivity just expanded even more.
Better Games are Being Released all the Time
Thanks to the fact that casinos which are based online are not subject to the spatial restrictions that those based on land are, there are thousands of games available at any given time. What’s more, in an effort to keep players returning, casinos ensure that not only are improved versions of games available all the time, but brand new titles are being released as well.
Technology has changed the face of gambling dramatically, and with AR and VR now coming to the fore, further changes are certainly in the pipeline.

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