Snuckls | Money Earning Online


Snuckls | Money Earning Online


Today we have come up with a website to earn money by your luck. You dont have to spend a penny or dont have to go anywhere. This is Trusted website. I have also started this 3 days before and i won some ammount below is the proof at the end of this post.
This is a lottery based system. You have to get tickets by watching videos and winner will get the jackpot prize.

You will get 10 tickets per day to put on your number.
You have to watch 5 videos for each ticket for first 6 tickets after that 2 videos for each upto next 4 tickets.


The prize is vairable. It changes daily.The result anounces early morning.
The best part is if the number doesn’t match then also you will get something. See the below chart.

All 5 90% of the Jackpot

Matched 4 6% of the Jackpot

Matched 3 3% of the Jackpot

Matched 2 1% of the Jackpot

Steps to Start :-

  1. Click this link: –Click Here
  2. Login with Facebook.
  3. Now click on Get a Ticket.
  4. Now Watch videos and get tickets.
  5. Then result will be announces early morning.


Ways to Withdraw:-

  • Worldwide : Paypal ( $0.02 Minimum Payout )
  • India: Paypal and Amazon Gift card.

Invite and earn:-

You can earn some percentage of money by refering friends. You will get the 50% of the total money whatever your friends earn.

Referal program has 7 levels. Example: if your refered friend refers someone then you will also get some percentage of their money.


Tell us how was your luck in comment section.

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