Features & Benefits Of Card Dispensers:

The card dispenser has become a must-have in parking lots. It can automatically dispense parking lot permits for daily or hourly durations. It is designed for ease of use, high reliability, and speedy dispensing for parkers. There are different types of dispensers that can accept credit card, coin or cash. The most versatile systems can accept all the different options. The latest models feature sophisticated technology for easier maintenance and optimal convenience. The best dispensers accept cards from all the key service providers. It will receive the payment and deliver a receipt which acts as the permit and also as a proof of your purchase.

Power Supply:

The latest card dispenser units can be battery operated and can be connected to electric power for recharging the battery. This helps extend the application of the unit. It will continue to remain operational even when there is power outage. Thus, visitors will not have to be stranded or return in case there is no power supply.

Highly Reliable Card Dispensers:

The latest card dispenser units are highly reliable. It provides reliable card vending operations around the clock. The cost of operation is extremely low and these new units can be used for highly demanding applications. These units provide versatile reading and writing functions and can be used with a variety of cards including magnetic cards, contact and contactless chip cards. You can find the right dispenser based on your specific requirements.

The best quality card dispenser will have a frictionless operational system. They can deliver extremely high optional consistency for up to millions of swipes without any incident. The best units feature much wider tolerance against the condition of the processed card. They can also be used in a wide range of environmental conditions, with wider temperature and humidity settings. They can perform optimally even in conditions wet conditions and when there is dust. The best systems are waterproof and increase user convenience.

Another feature that makes modern card dispensers special is that they have compact designs. this allows them to be integrated into smaller spaces. No matter the available space, they can be easily fixed in place and carry out their functions without causing any hindrances.


The most sophisticated card dispenser systems are designed with advanced integrated circuits. They support contactless IC cards. They stand out for many key features including a high level of durability, high stability, reliable structure and high speed. Some of the different applications of such a dispenser include the following:

  • Parking management systems 
  • Ticket vending machines 
  • Centralized card dispenser systems 
  • Automatic card vending machines 
  • Highway card dispenser systems 

Key Features:

Some of the key features of the best card dispenser available in the market are as follows: 

  • They are highly reliable and durable 
  • They feature compact design 
  • They support standards ISO14443 TYPE A & B (thus accepting contactless IC cards) 
  • Some card readers also support ISO14443 TYPE A& B 
  • You can also have the card dispenser custom designed to accept cards 
  • The best dispensers feature stepper motors and shutter to provide waterproof and dust proof operation 
  • Some dispensers can accept different card thicknesses. The card thickness can be adjusted to them. 
  • You can also choose card dispenser units with different stackable card hopper capacity 
  • Choose units that have different card thickness tolerance 
  • Some dispensers can also have a low-card indication system 
  • Some have multi-bezel feature 

You can find different types of card dispenser units having features which are specific to your kind of application. Choose the best one that addresses your needs.

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