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Phantom 4 Advanced vs Phantom 4 Pro: 4 Differences You Need to Know




DJI’s most recent release, the Phantom 4 Advanced, is a slightly altered version of the Phantom 4 Pro unit which came out late last year.

Phantom 4 Advanced

Its titanium and magnesium alloy makes the aircraft more durable than most others in the market, as well as lighter. With a maximum flight time of 30 minutes, users can get the most out of their drone. Though mostly the same as the Phantom 4 Pro, the Phantom 4 Advanced is designed with some tweaks that give consumers a more affordable yet still professional choice for aerial imaging.

Phantom 4 Advanced

Professional Imaging
Like the Phantom 4 Pro, the Phantom 4 Advanced includes a camera with a 1″ 20 MP sensor that has close to 12 stops of dynamic range. It also has a mechanical shutter to eliminate rolling shutter effects from capturing fast moving subjects or images at high aircraft speeds. It can record 4K/60 fps video at 100 Mbps and offers H.265 video compression.

Professional Control
The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced comes with an optional controller that has an integrated high luminance display. This display monitor gives the users a live HD view from the main camera as well as essential telemetry data, even in direct sunlight. The new controller has a built-in GPS, compass, micro SD card slot and HDMI port.

The drone with the standard remote controller is priced at PHP73, 200. The Phantom 4 Advanced +, which includes a Phantom 4 Advanced aircraft and the remote controller with an ultra-bright display monitor is currently priced at PHP 91,500.


Phantom 4 Advanced

Intelligent Flight Modes
The Intelligent Flight Modes of the Phantom 4 Advanced give it the versatility and intuitiveness needed to aid professional aerial imaging. These include Draw, Gesture, an upgraded TapFly, Tripod, Terrain Follow and an upgraded ActiveTrack. To give you an idea of a few of these features:

Draw a route on your display monitor, and the Phantom 4 Advanced will move in that direction while holding its altitude constant. While Draw is activated, the pilot can keep attention on the camera focus and even the direction the camera is facing.

The Phantom 4 Advanced can recognize and track subjects while keeping them in frame. The upgrade is in the new algorithm used, that can recognize more objects and adjust the flight dynamics to ensure smoother flight.

Gesture Mode: The Phantom 4 Advanced can follow instructions for taking a selfie, through gestures.
This allows users to get the perfect aerial shot of themselves while not having to focus on a remote controller and be distracted by buttons.

These are just some of the cool features of the Phantom 4 Advanced, that you will mostly find in the Phantom 4 Pro as well. What really differentiates it from the Phantom 4 Pro are the below key points.


Phantom 4 Advanced

4 Differences You Need to Know

Flight Autonomy System
The Phantom 4 Advanced is only shy of the Phantom 4 Pro when it comes to obstacle avoidance.

As we know the Phantom 4 Pro has 5-direction obstacle sensing. Three sets of visual systems to avoid obstacles in front, behind and below the aircraft, as well as an infrared sensing system on both sides.
Phantom 4 Advanced keeps the obstacle sensor in front and below.

Live View Working Frequency
With the the P4P you can choose between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz to gain clearer signal stability in areas with high radio interference.

The Phantom 4 Pro’s price is 91,500 PHP with standard remote controller. The Phantom 4 Pro+, which includes a Phantom 4 Pro aircraft, and a high luminance display remote controller, is available at 109,800 PHP.


On the other hand, the Phantom 4 Advanced is priced at 73,200 with a standard remote controller. The P4A+ retails at 91,500 PHP.

With a weight of 20 g, the P4A is lighter than the P4P.

Learn more about DJI drones from the authorized distributor in the Philippines, MSI-ECS. Contact them at (02) 688-3512 or email them at

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