5 Actionable War Plan Strategies to use while playing Crusader Kings II

Paradox Development studio came up with one of the best strategy games; Crusader Kings II. Paradox Interactive published the game. This game was a sequel to Crusader Kings. The game was launched on February 14, 2012, for Microsoft Windows. Crusader Kings II also has a Linux and an OS X version.

This game was a great hit with over 1 million copies sold. This was the second-best performance by Paradox studio after Cities: Skylines.

Crusader Kings II is set in the middle ages where the player controls a dynasty in the medieval period. One of the best parts of the game is the appearance of several historical figures. You come across people like Genghis Khan, Richard the Lionheart, Baldwin I of Jerusalem, etc. It is not necessary for the players to start as them. A player is allowed to begin his voyage as a less significant person. As the game proceeds, the player needs to use proper strategies of war to seal his victory. A player can achieve success through a smart approach of war and assassination.

The main objective of the game is to earn as many prestige and piety points as possible to deride other great dynasties. The game’s finish is quite different; the game usually finishes when the player’s character dies without any successor. Also, the game simply ends if the player reaches the year 1453.

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Let’s see the strategies to keep in mind while playing CRUSADER KINGS II:

1. A strong army can conquer everything:

The very basic war strategy is to have a strong army that can outnumber the opposition. You can apply the same strategy here and defeat other dynasties. There are four ways to build a strong army before the actual battle:

  • Construct barracks and other army buildings.
  • Research Technologies upgrade the army’s strength.
  • The commanders should be improved.
  • It is very necessary to keep the vassals happy.

You can also use ck2 console commands to activate some hidden & premium features. Outnumbering your opponents almost ensures your victory. For a large army it is necessary that you have enough space for your army, i.e., you need sufficient army buildings. It is very important to keep your vassals happy.

2. Divide and rule:

A very useful tactic to destroy your opponent and conquer their lands is by dividing them into pieces and taking on these pieces separately. If your opponent has a large army, then take them in parts, divide them using various strategies.

This can also be done by using marriage as a powerful weapon. This can turn the opponent’s allies into their enemies. Further, this leads to the division of their armed forces. Hence, now you can take on your opponent with ease and victory shall be yours.

3. Ambush and destroy:

Another war strategy when you have fewer men is ambushing the other dynasties. Catch the enemy off-guard and ruin their army. Obviously, an ambush would create a big problem for the families who were not expecting a war. A regime which is not prepared can be destroyed as well, by ambushing.

It is very important for you to know that rivers and hills can turn the tables. So, you need to be careful while planning an ambush.

Sacrifice some people of your army to reduce the speed of the opposition’s attack. It is very crucial to slow down the attack otherwise they can destroy your armies.

4. A good Commander can win wars:

You can get a good commander by choosing the right allies and marrying the right woman. Marriages can change the direction of wars, as you can make stronger allies. A good commander can kill several people. We can use the commander as a trump card. So, he plays a crucial role in a player’s success. A player with a good commander can easily win the battle if he stays cautious.

5. Role of Terrain and other tactics:
A player should keep in mind the terrain of the war zone. There are three flanks on each side, and every flank has its commander. If you have a vast army, you can have multiple units.

The damage done is controlled by the attack whereas the defense controls the amount of harm done by the opposition unit.

Use light cavalry only if you’ve won the battle else they’ll lead to a large number of casualties because they are only good at pursuit.

Keep these things in your mind and plan right from the beginning of the game. Starting from the selection of the character till finding the successor of your dynasty you need to plan at each step. Only you can determine your victory if you strategize each move correctly.

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