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Technology Integration in Your Classroom



technology integration in your classroom
The British comic author Terry Pratchett once composed that you could tell that his office was a paperless office since you could see paper all over the place. Classrooms, similar to workplaces, will never be 100% free of papers, yet coordinating innovation in the classroom is making the possibility of a “paperless” classroom more plausible. How much simpler would your activity as an educator be in the event that you didn’t have a large number of papers, books, dark line aces, streak cards, participation moves, notes-to-send-home-to-guardians, freebies and test sheets to adapt to? Innovation in the classroom is winding up increasingly broad.

It would be an uncommon classroom today that doesn’t have no less than one PC or portable PC set up with a decent web association, potentially even remote, and about each classroom has its own VCR or DVD player, or if nothing else, there’s a player that is shared between a few classrooms, contingent upon who’s utilizing it today. A few classrooms have different PCs, and some even have information projectors. Unquestionably, most schools would have a PC lab where every student can work exclusively on a PC if you need information about labs you can try GpaLabs for your help.

technology integration in your classroom

Instruction at all levels today is winding up increasingly electronic, so it is imperative that your understudies don’t get left behind and they know how to utilize computerized apparatuses. They’ll be utilizing them all through their instruction, all through their vocations and for the duration of their lives, so the rudimentary classroom turns into an awesome place for them to get comfortable with and begin preparing in innovation.

What are some simple ways that you can coordinate innovation and eliminated the measure of paper that you have coasting around your classroom?

Utilize a spreadsheet for participation. Once you’ve called the move, you can email the aftereffect of who is and isn’t here to the secretary, or let him/her entrance it by means of the school’s intranet.


Utilize web quests rather than course readings for a few subjects. On the off chance that you haven’t utilized them some time recently, a WebQuest is an internet instructing apparatus that sets your understudies different undertakings that will require online research to be finished. The best ones incorporate supportively connects to locales that can help in inquire about. You can make your own tweaked WebQuests for your class.

Utilize PC amusements rather than streak cards for penetrating your understudies in timetables and spelling words. You can utilize online PC amusements or purchase programming for doing this. One of the better ones for duplication is Times Attack from, which has the look and feel of an exemplary cell style first-individual shooter amusement yet gives a concentrated penetrate in times tables.

Utilize recordings and DVDs rather than course books to clarify an idea. Recordings and DVDs can likewise replace data gifts. Even better, online video clasps can be utilized, and your understudies have the opportunity to re-see these as a component of their amendment.

Have your understudies submit papers and articles on the web. This keeps the “Didn’t you get it? I’m certain I handed it over” or “My printer stuck” reasons and sets them up for school which utilizes online school work entries broadly. In case you’re stressed over unoriginality, which is one of the entanglements of present-day innovation in the classroom, at that point agree to accept Copyscape, a shabby and quick online administration, which will give you a chance to check whether anyone has made a paper by another person.

Try not to let the words “incorporating innovation” panic you. It’s not as hard as you may think, and you don’t need to get a paperless classroom overnight. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have utilized a video in educating some time recently, at that point, you have a portion of the fundamental aptitudes as of now.

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30handsWeb TigerEdit

handsWeb TigerEdit
30hands Learning is the excellent company for creating an innovative LMS (Learning Management System) as well as the popular mobile iOS app that is ideal for digital storytelling 30hands Pro.  The 30hands community is a perfect cloud based solution that allows educators to: manage/track students, hand in/out assignments, schedule events, and more.  While the mobile is being used in education for project based learning, digital storytelling, and more.

More features…

• Video clips as slides
• Google Drive + Dropbox Integration
• Importing of Google Slides and PDFs as 30hands slides
• Backgrounds and scenes
• Higher quality videos
• Advanced drag-and-drop drawing with editing 
• Slide sharing with parents and students 
• Slide Transitions 
• Unlimited presentations
• Unlimited saves to Camera Roll
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Adventure Academy



ScreenShot2020 02 18at9.17.58AM
ScreenShot  at

Adventure Academy is a dynamic and super fun online platform that uses a MMO game based learning style to teach subjects such as: Math, Science, Language Arts, and more.  Adventure Academy was designed for students 8-13 years old and uses a wide variety of games, interactive graphic novels, and video tutorials to help students learn a wide range of subjects/topics (i.e. comprehension, fractions, geography, etc.).

Below is a brief demo…

I highly recommend checking out Adventure Academy by clicking here!!!

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1 1 is a excellent new social network for finding educational resources. curates their resources by common core standards and allows users to share (download/upload) files such as: videos, documents, PDFs, and more.  Best of all, the social networking aspects makes it easy to rate, comment, and collaborate w/ other educators to engage in best teaching resources and strategies.

Below is a brief demo…

I highly recommend checking out by clicking here!!!

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