Moto G5S Plus Unboxing | Feels like a Flagship Premium Phone


Smartphones are very common today and there are so many brands now available, most of it are already capable of running basic applications, games and social media networks. Though there are some that are still very expensive and some are already very affordable depending on the brand and specifications.Smartphones can now be divided according into these categories, High-end, Middle-range, and the low-end smartphones.

Moto G5S Plus Unboxing

High-ends smartphones or the flagship are those that are the top of the line smartphone releases regardless of the brand, they got the highest specs, features, functionalities and even hardware inclusions. The middle-end smartphones are the toned down from the high-end or flagship units with almost similar features with few features removed to lower down the cost.Then the low-end smartphones are the basic units aimed for the budget conscious users or just want the basic call and text features and few other features.

Moto G5S Plus Unboxing

Moto recently launched a middle-range smartphone unit with features similar to a high-end unit. The Moto G5 S Plus, it is Moto attempt to capture the mid smartphone market with lots of features and focused on great camera, see more with the unboxing.

Moto G5S Plus Unboxing

Unboxing it, tou can see the unit inside the box that contains the usual package with the manuals,warranty, earphone, a cable and a charger and a FREE screen protector.

Moto G5S Plus Unboxing

The Moto G5S Plus is a sleek unit which has to colors, the gray and gold color. I personally love the gold one, the smartphone features its Depth-mode enabled double camera that can capture clear shots and bokeh output. Its front selfie camera contains 8 MP and can shoot wide-anglewith LED flash! which is also found in high-end smarphones.

Moto G5S Plus Unboxing

The sim slot is located at the left part of the unit. It supports dual sim or 1 sim and SD card, so you have to choose if your prefer dual sim only or with SD card. The slot is similar to an iPhone where there is a pin (included in the package) to push the sim tray out.

Moto G5S Plus Unboxing

The power and volume buttons are at the top right side, you can also insert a headset jack for your music accessories or connect it to a speaker. The microphone for calls is at the left bottom of the Moto G5S Plus beside it is the USB charger slot,the battery has 3000 mAh which has 6 hours of battery life in 15 minutes*, also you can charge Moto G5S Plus with its Turbo charging capacity

Moto G5S Plus Unboxing

What I like about the Moto G5S Plus is the dedicated finger print sensor at the lower front of the unit, where it is the responsive fingerprint sensor I have tested (similar to Moto Z) and it easily recognized your finger prints in one touch , even at sleep mode when you enable the sensor, it immediately starts the phone. You can also register to more than one fingerprints.

Moto G5S Plus Unboxing

Tested the Moto G5SPlus speed by downloading some apps and games, it never disappoints me since it performed most of the apps and games with no lags whatsoever and the panel feels smooth and sturdy because of its Gorilla glass in it. I also take a time to review its camera by covering the Sinulog 2018 by Moto G5s Plus where you can see the pictures and captures which are very fantastic and really captured the bright colors and views during the event.

Moto G5S Plus Unboxing

The unit feels like a premium phone with its features especially with its camera features and it captures really great shots. Also the unit is very sleek and the fingerprint sensor is snappy, dual-sim and expandable memory, all in the Moto G5S Plus.

“We want to address the smartphone needs of all Filipino consumers, including those outside Metro Manila. We stay true to our promise of making the Motorola experience available to every Filipino with our lineup of entry-level smartphones, midrange models and premium offerings. Consumer engagement initiatives will be improved through experiential activities and communications,” shared John Rojo, country manager of Lenovo Mobile Business Group Philippines.

Moto g5s plus is priced at Php 14,999 and is available in all Motorola retail stores.

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