Hide our personal documents ,Images, videos etc without using any app for android

If you are searching for a easy and simple trick to hide your important files and foldwr you can easily do it by simple method ,many users want to hide a folder without use of any application but it can be done by very simple small trick you can try it below
This trick only works on android smartphone ,not in other operating systems so wanna try read below important.If you use apps for hiding images and personal documents than we require apps and thats why using simple experiments can work too.But note that you can’t put password on hidden files and some file explorers show hidden directly.So it not so perfect but still you can use it for saving time.

A simple and very little knowledge about android is very helpful in days usage.If you are android lover and don’t know much about android function than collect some information from this site and apply to your phone.

This trick is all about to hide any personal documents, videos and images .This trick is so simple and very easy .
* First of all our your file manager
*then open your documents folder which you hide
* then choose the folder and click to option of rename
* if you click rename option then touch on 1st alphabet and choose( . )Sign in front
*then save it and your documents folder is hide

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