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Now paytm became biggest media for online cash exchange and people can earn free paytm cash by some tricks. As paytm use is increasing day by day and lot of people uses paytm. Paytm getting lot of customers daily and processing lot requests daily. So people can earn free paytm cash by some tricks that i will tell you about here.
 Here i will tell about some paytm cash apps. That gives lot of paytm cash for free. These apps are trusted and can use these apps to get free paytm cash. I have used these apps and its really giving free paytm cash. So guys you can now earn paytm cash. I have seen lot of apps but these are some most used and amazing. Also these apps are working fine but all apps have different payout in paytm. Also all apps are working and checked and please download from link to get extra cash

Free paytm cash apps

1. Cashboss app

In cashboss app you can earn lot of free paytm cash. In this app you don’t have to do anything. But these app only good if you can refer on app. It giving Rs 15 paytm cash per refer. But you can also earn paytm cash via downloading apps from this app. This app gives Rs.5 to Rs 15 paytm cash on installing apps from the APP.
That’s why its amazing app that we have seen.  You can also use this to earn lot of paytm cash. The Amazing thing when you will install it from my link and if you will enter promo code the you will also get Rs 15 otherwise you can check you will only get Rs 0. Because on referring both gets cash and on installing from playstore cashboss gives nothing.

2. Pocket money

In pocket money apps there are many options to earn free paytm cash. Like you can earn paytm cash from installing apps, or you can get free paytm cash by completing daily tasks. There are lot of daily tasks in app everyday. Like opening any site for 5 minutes and get Rs 10 paytm etc. The price vary from site to site and in tasks.
So you can use this app to earn paytm money. Also best is you can redeem minimum Rs 20 paytm money which i think is amazing.

3. Genie android

Genie is also an amazing app to earn cash. This app is similar to an browser app that you can use open website on its. The app also have very cool design and new look. But this app also gives Rs 5 paytm cash on refer that means. When you will install this app then you will get Rs 5 paytm cash. But also due to its cool design your friend will install it.
So you can use this app to get free paytm cash. The minimum payout in app is also less. So on referrig this app you can earn lot of paytm cash. People suing this app. And getting paytm cash.

4. Bulbsmash

Bulbsmash is also an amazing app. Here you can earn paytm cash by just playing games. Bulbsmash is most used app and here you ca earn upto Rs 1100 daily. There are some daily tasks in app in which you have to enter and at the end of day. The guys who entered in that like you means who are palying that game gets paytm cash.
Now it depend upon how much you scored in game. If you get RANK 1 then you will get Rs 1100, RANK 2 gets Rs 500 paytm cash, RANK 3 gets Rs 250 and similarly first 100 RANK get paytm in app SO you can download this app to earn free paym cash in app.

5. Bulbsmash cash

Bulbsmash cash is also app by same owner but now here you can play cricket to earn paytm cash. I mean here you have to play cricket and have to make more runs in 60 balls. You will get 2 free games if you will download from link below. After that you have to play. There are lot of people playing this game daily. The person who makes more run get more paytm cash. Means lot of people will play this game and everybody makes run in game. The people who makes more run in day gets rank and rank wise paytm money is given daily.
The first rank gets Rs.5100 money the second rank gets Rs 2100 and like wise first 100 PEOPLE of day get paytm money. So even if you can’t come to first you can come to to 10 to earn more and top 100 to earn some paytm cash. This game i like because of this but you also gets more games to play in this app. Also this app gives Rs.10 per refer so you can refer this game to your friends and they can play too and you can also get free paytm cash by this.

So guys these are some most amazing apps to earn free paytm cash daily and you can also use this to earn free paytm cash.

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