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Realme C1 the Real Budget Phone for Only 4,999PHP with 4230mAh Battery




Many smartphones are coming out in the market today and people are looking for that one phone that can meet their needs and fits their Budget. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the flagship that has the greatest specifications of all time. If you just want a reliable smartphone companion in your everyday needs. Then the Realme C1 is the one for you.


IV. Realme C1 Specifications

Realme C1 Specifications
Height  156.2mm
Width 75.6mm
Thickness   8.2mm
Weight     168g
Basic Parameters
Color Mirror Black and Navy Blue
Operating System ColorOS 5.1, based on Android 8.1
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
CPU Octa-core 1.8Ghz, 14nm
GPU Adreno 506
Storage 16GB (Supports microSD card up to 256GB)
Battery 4230mAh
Card slot design Dual nano-SIMs + microSD card
Unlock Facial unlock, SmartLock
Size 6.2in, 88.8% screen-to-body ratio
Resolution 1520×720 pixels, 19:9 Aspect Ratio (~271 ppi density)
Screen Colors 16.7 million colors
Sensor Type CMOS
Front Camera 5MP
Rear Camera 13MP+2MP
Aperture Rear F2.2+F2.4
Aperture Front F2.2
Video Mode 1080P, 720P
Characteristic function for photograph AI Beautification 2.0, Front Camera HDR, Bokeh Mode
SIM Card Type Dual nano-SIM cards, microSD expansion,
Sound effect type Real HD Sound
GPS Supported
Bluetooth Supported
Wi-Fi Supported
OTG Supported
Sensors Light Sensor, G-sensor, Acceleration sensor,
Magnetic induction, Proximity Sensor



These are the reasons you should consider Realme C1 for your next smartphone

1. Battery

  • 4230mAh mega battery

Realme C1 comes with 4230mAh battery, leading with super battery capacity in the same price range. Users, can leave behind their chargers and powerbanks at home! Imagine even the lates iPhone X has only 2716mah, iPhone XS has 2658mah and iPhone XS Max has 3174mah. That tells you a lot in terms of battery capacity. You can enjoy longer hours of watching your favorite movies in Netflix or play your hearts out in an online game like Mobile Legends, Ragnarok Eternal M and many more.

The 4230mAh ultra-large-capacity battery, coupled with AI Power Master, makes careful power saving unnecessary. While ensuring smooth running of programs, the system can intelligently optimize power consumption of apps and control the number of processor cores to avoid power waste.

AI Power Master core power saving principles: APP-freezing Power Saver, Quick App Freezing.

  • APP-freezing Power Saver: Smartly restricts apps running on the background to reduce overall power consumption and to extend battery life. On average this feature allows the applications to save power by 5% to 11%. It can also be manually adjusted.
  • Quick App Freezing: AI Power Master can put the background apps in the quick freezing folder to effectively cut off the frequent and meaningless mutual wake-up between apps to save power. Lab data: About 5% energy saved per 24 hours compared to mobile phones without turning on app-freezing


2. Processor

  • Qualcomm 450 octa-core processor

Qualcomm 450, octa-core CPU, 14nm finer process, basic frequency speed at 1.8GHz, low power consumption with fast processing, smart calling of CPU capacity, able to call up to 8 cores simultaneously;

Efficient, low power consumption; uses Cortex A53 processor that consumes less power, and employs the efficiency boosting feature;

Dual-core ISP, more attentive to details in processing photos;

Super GPU, more powerful image processing capacity: 25% faster in image rendering and 30% lower power consumption than Snapdragon 435. More distinctive images, smoother and lag-free game experience.


3. Capacity

  • Memory

2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, up to 256GB extended memory. The app uninstallation reminder feature lists out apps not started over a specified time for quick uninstallation in case the user needs to free up space.

  • Support 2+1 card slots (Dual Nano + Micro SD)
  • Dual SIM cards, three independent cards slots, houses Nano SIM+ Nano SIM+Micro SD cards separately
  • IMG

1. Screen

6.2-inch large notch screen, the first in this price range.

The 88.8% screen-to-body ratio and 19:9 screen display are realized, which are ultra-high among peer products. The phone has a more compact layout of the three major components–the receiver, front camera and light sensor, as well as 2.05mm ultra-narrow bezel. The upgraded dispensing process further narrows the bezel by 16%. The screen is made of abrasion-resistant third-generation Corning Gorilla glass.


The latest, most-trendy large notch screen offers a wider visual field, immersive visual experience in playing games and watching videos, and a more vivid feeling of the content.

2. Nature-inspired rear cover design

“Design” is Realme’s DNA, as the unique and masterful effort is shown again in Realme C1, the latest work of Realme: 12 nanoscale laminated layers, 2.5D back plate, harder, more abrasion- and scraping-resistant.

The electroplated rear cover ensures a nice and smooth surface and increases hardness to prevent abrasion with better conductivity and heat resistance. Ink printing gives the rear cover a dazzling 3D effect.

Elegant microarc, bigger curve of the middle frame, proper balance between aesthetics and hand feeling.

Realme C1 is available in two colors——Mirror Black and Navy Blue. Mirror Black is low-key and restrained, harbors tranquility, and manifests elegance; Navy Blue is vigorous, dazzling, and serene like the sea under sunshine. Both colorways flow in a tempting way under lighting, showing dynamically varying effects.



1. Photography

  • Dual cameras

Realme C1 comes with 13M+2M dual rear cameras that ensure clearer profile and more natural bokeh. PDAF phase focusing technology is available to speed up focusing, reduce the focus time when users take pictures, and capture every wonderful moment. 1080P ensures higher-definition videos.

  • Portrait mode

Smart bokeh and beautification through dual cameras draw more attention to persons and give more sense of quality and layering.

  • AI Beauty

296 identification points that enable the phone to recognize the gender, age, skin status and skin tone of people then accurately locate the most suitable beautification plan from 8 million options as the basis for further customization.

Realme C1 not only makes your face look better. Your body can also be beautified in a perfectly consistent way.

Realme C1 can beautify group photos, where everyone in the photo can be beautified in their own proper way, even in the case of mixed genders (at most 4 persons in a photo).

The AI-learning feature records and learns the photo editing habits of the user in local album and applies such habits in photo capturing.

  • Smart image editing

Post-stage edit supports “Auto-Enhance,” which offers professional color grading and beautification with simply one click.

Real-time photo taking with AR sticker, making group photos more fun.

Memories: Support automatic edit and generation of clips that record the wonderful moments based on time, locations and persons.


Smartly recognize faces to establish individual portrait album. Special persons deserve special memory.


2. Unlock

  • AI Facial unlock

Precise identification: Human faces can be identified quickly and precisely by collecting 128 facial identification points with the front camera.

Raise to turn on screen: (Virtual gyroscope): Raise the phone, the screen lights up, and the phone is unlocked.

Unlock in 0.3s (0.3s refers to the time of face identification and excludes the time for lighting up the screen and starting the camera before face identification).

  • SmartLock

Trusty places: Intelligently records and identifies the locations the user frequently visits and marks them as trusty places, where the phone will be unlocked automatically.

Trusty devices: When the phone is connected with a trusted device (Bluetooth), it can be automatically unlocked and will remain so.


On-body detection: If the phone is detected to be moving after being unlocked, it will keep the unlocked status. If it is laid aside with the screen off for one minute, it will be automatically locked


3. System

  • Convenient on-screen actions
    1. Full-screen multitasking

In the full-screen landscape mode, especially when playing games and watching videos, the shortcut access to any app can be brought up.

  • Supported apps: WeChat, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Line.
  • Supported features: Screen recording, screenshot, lock-screen notification.
  1. AI board

On the home-screen, swipe left to the AI board, a number of functions will display some quick apps and convenient features.

Direct access to quick functions and apps that can be started in one tap;

One tap access into the album;

Call a favorite contact in one tap;

Step tracker, distance display;


Automatic weather display of current location;

Display logistic updates of orders on shopping websites;

Smartly obtain your trip information, dynamically push information to the user, display the latest two trips, such as information about trains, movies, and hotels (contents come from SMS and need to access online data)

  1. Easy Screenshot

Three-finger screenshot + long screenshot + quick edit, capture information easily, without missing out any inspired moment.

Swipe down with three fingers or press the Volume Down button + power button, then the user can drag four corners or four edges of a screenshot picture to perform quick rectangular edit;

A new marker pen feature that allows for quick marking is now available for single screenshot pictures and long screenshot pictures;


The user can customize where to start and end the long screenshot, and adjust the height of the long screenshot to half of the screen height.


4. Sound quality

All-in-one sound chamber and Real quality: Enhance the sound quality of the loudspeaker and highlight the mid-high tone, more suitable for playing music.

Evaluation suggestions:

  • Use special sound recording devices to record songs played using the speakers of different phone models and play these songs in the video form. The form of blind test can be attempted at first, and then the mobile phones corresponding to the sound qualities shall be announced at last, highlighting the advantage of all-in-one sound chamber of Realme C1.
  • Different mobile phones can be used to play the same song, for comparison with Realme C1 that highlights more the medium to high pitch.

5. Considerate functions

  • Smart Voice Assistant: Considerate assistant that gives you full access to quick apps. It provides the feature of associated commands to think ahead of you. For example, information display of a restaurant after your search attempt is accompanied by prompts on whether to call or navigate to the restaurant, or even see what’s inside of it.
  • Smart Driving: The system smartly senses that the user is driving by detecting that the Bluetooth car kit is connected. When Smart Driving is on, the mobile phone supports Do Not Disturb from calls, app videos/voices to reduce disturbance from messages and improve driving safety.
  • Clone phone: No data cable needed. Scan QR codes of a new phone and an old one to easily create a connection. Switch a phone in one tap. This enables quick data transmission, real-time display of clone progress.
  • O-Roaming: Provides overseas users with multiple international data packages for purchase so that they can enjoy Internet service at a lower price during outbound travels (currently only support Thailand, Malay, Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan, China).
  • Clone Apps: Allows using two social media accounts simultaneously in one Realme C1.
  • Privacy Password: Privacy Password is used for privacy functions like APP lock and Private Safe. Password can be reset by pre-set security questions and answers, bound security E-mail address, and etc.

ColorOS safety patch updates: Direct updates that fix bugs in real time without the need to restart the phone.

Overall this is one of the best entry level smartphone in the market, with it’s powerful battery at an affordable price and works as most mid-entry smartphones do in terms of function, camera and features. This is great entry level smartphone for the budget conscious.




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realme Watch 3 Review | All Around Fitness Smartwatch and More #realmeWatch3



realme recently launch the realme Watch 3 which is the successor of the realme Watch 2 released last year. The first thing I noticed is that the display size of the realme Watch 3 is a bit bigger than the Watch 2 which is a a 1.8″ Super Large & Bright Display that utilizes a TFT-LCD panel with frames per second set to 30FPS. Most of the specs and features are similar but has significant difference to name a few. I was fortunate to have a review unit to show you guys all the features of the new realme Watch 3.


realme Watch 3 Review | All Around Fitness Smartwatch and More #realmeWatch3


The watch 3 looks very premium and solid and it doesn’t look and feel cheap. You can compare it with the higher end smartwatches. It also features a 7-Day Battery Life which is already long for a standard smartwatch. It also has IP68 Dust & Water Resistance where you can use your realme Watch 3 even if you are washing the dishes or hands, you don’t have to worry getting the watch soaking wet as it is tight sealed as shown in the pictures. The realme Watch 3 comes in two color options: Black and Grey which fit for both men and women.


realme Watch 3 Review | All Around Fitness Smartwatch and More #realmeWatch3
Sports Mode

One of the biggest improvement of the realme Watch 3 is the sports mode which feature more than 110+ activities which is more than the previous model. It is your ultimate partner in terms of health and fitness monitoring where it has an All-Day Comprehensive Health Monitoring. Perfect for fitness enthusiast and who is planning to have a better lifestyle by integrating the realme Watch 3 health features for that fitness goal.

Fitness/Sports mode includes Outdoor run, Cricket, Indoor Run, Strength Training, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Yoga, Elliptical, Indoor Cycle, Outdoor Cycle, Mountaineering, Trail Running and many more.

realme Watch 3 Review | All Around Fitness Smartwatch and More #realmeWatch3

Connectivity and Social Network

What I like about the realme Watch 3 is the seamless connectivity across my social media accounts. First the SMS, where it can immediately notify the watch when there is an incoming SMS message and mobile call without much hassle and vibrates the smart watch even if your mobile is far from you, it is connected through Bluetooth, and in fact it has a Clear Bluetooth Calling feature, where it can handle consistent connection regardless of movement which is perfect of those who have an active lifestyle.

realme Watch 3 Review | All Around Fitness Smartwatch and More #realmeWatch3

You can also connect your Social Media Network notifications and messaging like Facebook, Twitter, Viber and many more. This makes me more updated with my online activities even without looking at my phone, even if I am on the go or away from my phone, I can check the messages directly from the realme Watch 3.


Weather Watch

You can monitor the weather using the realme Watch 3 which is amazing, in just a few swipe, I can see the weather conditions today & tomorrow.

Heart Beat / Sleep Tracking

realme Watch 3 Review | All Around Fitness Smartwatch and More #realmeWatch3 realme Watch 3 Review | All Around Fitness Smartwatch and More #realmeWatch3 realme Watch 3 Review | All Around Fitness Smartwatch and More #realmeWatch3 realme Watch 3 Review | All Around Fitness Smartwatch and More #realmeWatch3

I think this is very important to keep track of your health in real time even during medical checkups & emergencies can determine your conditions through your heartbeat which can save lives. This essential for those who have heart conditions or monitor your heartbeat during workouts & exercise.



The realme Watch 3 is an improvement of it’s predecessor, it delivers the same quality features that a health enthusiast would love and enjoy.  With a bigger screen size, more training and exercise modes, it will make your smartwatch experience more interactive and fulfilling. I recommend the realme Watch 3 to existing or 1st time smartwatch users to try it out.  realme Watch 3 is priced at PHP3,499



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ICYMI: Here’s What Rolled Out During realme’s 2022 Fan Fest in August



realme ended the month on a high with back-to-back milestones

As part of realme’s efforts to stay connected to its fans, recognize and encourage each Filipino to #DareToBeYou, the PH’s no. 1 smartphone brand for straight 6 quarters (based on IDC sell-in reports) culminated its month-long Fan Fest celebration through a fun-filled Music Festival. Filipino music fans were graced with live performances by some of the biggest musicians recognised both locally and internationally.

ICYMI: Here’s What Rolled Out During realme’s 2022 Fan Fest in August

The realme Music Festival was held in Megamall Fashion Hall last August 26, making it the first onground Fan Fest event since 2020. Pinoy band The Juans and musician Zack Tabudlo serenaded the crowd with their songs. Meanwhile, the realme Music Festival also debuted the first-ever performance of Top Class 5 and the up and coming P-Pop group 6ense On top of all these, realme also introduced “The Monster Rookies of P-Pop,” VXON as the brand’s first ever P-Pop group brand ambassador.

ICYMI: Here’s What Rolled Out During realme’s 2022 Fan Fest in August

Back-to-Back Milestones on Shopee Super Brand Day Sale

realme ended the month of August on a high note with yet another sales milestone for its newest AIoT devices and its much-loved entry-level smartphones. Officially launched during the Music Festival, the brand unveiled both the realme Pad X and realme Watch 3 in the local market as the newest addition to its AIoT portfolio. During the Super Brand Day sale on Shopee, fans were able to completely empty out the realme Pad X in just 7 hours.


In addition, realme also achieved the top brand spots for categories such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. realme’s C30 (4GB+64GB) claimed Top 1, followed by realme C30 (2GB+32GB) at Top 2, and realme C21-Y (4+64GB) was at Top 4. When it comes to tablets, the realme Pad X was Top 1 while the realme Pad Mini 3GB+32GB LTE claimed the 4th rank. As for wearables, the realme Watch 3 was Top 1 during the Shopee SBD.


realme tops both IDC and Canalys rankings

realme continues to solidify its position in the Philippine market as an industry disruptor. The Canalys sell-in report as of August 2022 hailed realme as the country’s no. 1 smartphone brand for Q2 2022, with a total unit share of 20% across all vendors present. The brand was also recently named as the top smartphone vendor for Q3 2021 by top international research firms Canalys and IDC.



ICYMI: Here’s What Rolled Out During realme’s 2022 Fan Fest in August


In a separate report by the research analyst firm International Data Corporation or IDC, realme claimed the no. 1 rank for the sixth consecutive quarter in the Philippines, with a total market share of 21.8%.



“It is an honor to be recognized once again as the country’s top smartphone brand and we really are very grateful to our ever-supporting Filipino squad for the unwavering love they give us. This would not have been possible without their support and of course, the hard work of everyone in the realme community,” says Austine Huang, realme Philippines’ VP for Marketing.

ICYMI: Here’s What Rolled Out During realme’s 2022 Fan Fest in August



realme kicks off its CSR as part of the Fan Fest


Continuing its promise to support the Filipino youth and as one of the ways to give back to the community, realme revealed its Dare to be You CSR roadshow with the aim of helping students find out their passion and provide them with the right tools and knowledge to pursue it. The first stop of their roadshow is in partnership with Young Focus Philippines which commenced last August 27. The realme team visited Young Focus Philippines in Tondo, Manila to help facilitate a bootcamp program for junior high school student beneficiaries of the NGO. The students enjoyed activities that can inspire them to pursue their passions and goals to become their best version of themselves and for them to #DareToBeYou in their own way.

In line with the brand’s commitment to provide comprehensive superior experience for the young, realme also donated refurbished realme devices such as TV, buds, tablets, pad, and smartphones to help equip Young Focus Philippines with technology that are necessary for the students’ holistic learning.

The CSR roadshow will continue as realme will be revealing its next few stops for the month of September. Starting with a partnership with University of the Philippines’ Economics Society where children from Pook Ricarte in Diliman, Quezon City


This upcoming CSR with Pook Ricarte is set on September 10, 2022.


For more info and other brand updates, be sure to follow realme on Facebook or visit


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realme Shopee Super Brand Day Sale Happening this Aug 26! #DareToBeYou



The realme 826 activity lineup is surely something you shouldn’t miss out on!

Hold up Squads! This Friday is shaping up to be one of the grandest realme Fan Fest culmination yet as realme, the PH’s no. 1 smartphone brand for Q2 2022[1] celebrates with the Filipino community to #DareToBeYou.

Mark your calendars this August 26 as its jam packed with activities such as the  realme Super Brand Day sale on Shopee, launch of the realme Pad X and realme Watch 3 and the realme Music Festival.

“In true realme fashion, the realme Fan Fest 2022 will be culminating in a blast not only with the much awaited music festival but with the Super Brand Day Sale on Shopee as well! As part of our efforts to show our appreciation to the Filipino community, we hope to give them access to the best tech and lifestyle experiences at affordable prices with sale opportunities like the Shopee SBD so that we can equip them with the best tools to #DareToBeYou,” shares Austine Huang, VP for Marketing.

realme Shopee Super Brand Day Sale Happening this Aug 26! #DareToBeYou

Stay tuned! realme Pad X and realme Watch 3 first-selling on Shopee SBD  



During the realme Super Brand Day Sale on Shopee, the soon to be launched #DesignedToExplore realme Pad Xand the #FitnessMeetsFinesse realme Watch 3 will be available on the Platform at discounted prices. For more information on the pricing, make sure to check out the product launch livestream on the realme official Facebook, Youtube and TikTok page on August 26, 5-6PM.

Newest C series offering, the realme C21 first-selling on Shopee  

There’s a new C Series in town, the realme C21! Equipped with a MediaTek Helio G35 Processor, 5000mAh Massive Battery and a 6.5″ HD+ Large Display, this well-rounded entry-level smartphone will surely help users accomplish their daily tasks with ease. Make sure to check the official realme Facebook page to know more about the realme C21 3GB+32GB pricing and availability.  

Buyers can also grab other C-Series offerings such as the 5000mAh Massive Battery  realme C30 2GB+32GB variant for only P4,849 and the TUV Rheinland Certified realme C21-Y 4GB+64GB variant for P5,899.

Create content like your favorite Pinoy creators with the realme 9 


Get creative and showcase your talent with the realme 9’s 108MP ProLight Camera perfect for taking photos even at low-light situations! The 6GB+128GB variant will retail at a whopping P2000 OFF! (P12,999). If you’re looking for an all-rounder smartphone that can handle your daily tasks all-day long, the battery powerhouse realme 9i is for you! Boasting a power-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 Processor, the realme 9i can be yours for only P10,399!

realme Shopee Super Brand Day Sale Happening this Aug 26! #DareToBeYou

realme bundling efforts with Adidas, Acqua Bottles among others 

Aside from affordable smartphone offerings, realme is also collaborating with other brands such as Adidas wherein every realme purchase, buyers can get the chance to win Adidas e-vouchers worth P400 OFF. While those on the lookout for new home appliances can get a free acqua stainless mug for every purchase of realme smart home products.

Vxon, The Juans, Zack Tabudlo and many more to perform during the realme Music Fest



Pinoy Music fans are in for a treat on August 26 as the realme Music Fest lineup will feature the biggest musicians recognised both locally and internationally.

Catch P-pop group Vxon as they perform their hit song “The Beast,” “PS” and the debut of their newest single during the event. Pinoy band The Juans will be rocking the stage with their songs “Umaaga,” “Hindi Tayo Pwede,” among others.  While chart-topping musician Zack Tabudlo will be serenading the crowd with his songs “Habang Buhay”, “Nasan Ka Na Ba?” and “Nangangamba.”

Aside from these well known artists, the music fest will also be debuting the first-ever performance of Top Class 5, the recent winners from the 2022 reality-survival show. 6ense, an up and coming P-Pop group will also be gracing the stage with their new single.

This event wouldn’t be possible without SM Megamall, the official venue partner of realme Music Festival.

To enter the realme FanFest 2022 venue, the mechanics is as follows:

  1. The event goer must present any on hand realme product (smartphone and TechLife devices) to the realme registration located at SM Megamall Fashion Hall on August 26.
  2. One (1) realme product entitles a customer to one (1) seat
  3. Redemption of wristband stubs will only happen on August 26, 2022 at the realme registration area located at SM Megamall Fashion Hall starting at 1:00PM.
  4. realme will be distributing color coded wristbands determined by the arrival time of the event-goers.
    1. Yellow Wristband stubs will be distributed at 1:00PM.
    2. Purple Wristband stubs will be distributed at 4:00PM.
  5. realme Philippines reserves the right to refuse the re-entry of the event-goers in the venue and may take appropriate action to enforce this right in reasonable circumstances.
  6. Seating arrangement will be on a first come per serve basis. Re-entering will not be allowed once the program starts at 5:00PM.
  7. Wristband stubs allotted for realme FanFest 2022 event are strictly not for resale and are non-transferrable.
  8. realme PH reserves the rights to suspend guest privileges of seat stubs holders found to be selling/scalping/auctioning their Wristband stubs.

realme Shopee Super Brand Day Sale Happening this Aug 26! #DareToBeYou

To end the month-long festivity with a bang, realme will be offering a last call sale in Lazada for their squad! realme will be joining the Women’s and Men’s Fest on Lazada from Aug 22-27 where squads can get up to 55% OFF discounts. You can also catch realme on the Lazada Brand Spotlight sale on Aug 28 as well as the Payday Sale from Aug 30-31.


Be sure to check out the realme PH Facebook page at for more updates on the realme FanFest 2022 activity lineup.


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