Fortinet NSE Institute Training Initiatives Continue to Expand Globally To Address Workforce Shortage

in Fortinet Network Security Expert Institute 02
in Fortinet Network Security Expert Institute 02

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, today announced increased global growth of its Network Security Experts (NSE) Institute comprised of the NSE Certification program, Fortinet Network Security Academy (FNSA) and the Fortinet Veterans (FortiVet) program. With significant growth in its training and education programs, Fortinet is further advancing its efforts to close the cybersecurity skills gap and address the talent shortage.

Cyber Skills Gap is a Leading Risk
According to the 2019 ISC2 Cyber Security Workforce Study, around 2.8 million professionals currently work in cybersecurity around the globe, but an additional 4 million trained workers would be needed to close the skills gap and properly defend organizations. Organizations need a skilled workforce to protect against threats that have increased in sophistication and volume across an expanding attack surface. A Forbes Insights survey commissioned by Fortinet uncovered that CISOs are looking for more talent and need better training for employees. Recognizing this industry-wide obstacle, Fortinet is tackling the cybersecurity skills gap issue through its global NSE Institute programs.

Fortinet NSE Institute Training Initiatives Continue to Expand Globally To Address Workforce Shortage

in Fortinet Network Security Expert Institute 02Fortinet Narrows the Skills Gap Globally
Fortinet has a history of being a learning organization through its NSE Institute programs and initiatives focused on addressing the skills gap. Recent highlights from continued momentum across these initiatives include:

  • Continued Collaboration with World Economic Forum: Asa founding partner of WEF’s Centre for Cybersecurity, Fortinet has been engaging in discussions at WEF events in the past year and offering unique and valuable insights to the global cybersecurity conversation. Fortinet’s Founder, Chairman and CEO Ken Xie recently offered strategic insights as a panelist for the Building Resilient Health Systems session at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.
  • Uptick in Awarded NSE Certifications: Fortinet has issued more than 270,000 NSE certifications to date, of which about 300 are for the distinguished NSE level 8. With a growth of 45 percent in NSE certifications in 2019, Fortinet is sharpening and upskilling professionals’ knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape and Fortinet’s products. The Fast Track program – made up of comprehensive workshops that cover significant topics in cybersecurity – also grew significantly with more than 300 percent growth in participants in 2019. To date, there have been more than 30,000 customers and partners who have been through the Fast Track program.
  • Globally Expanding Fortinet Network Security Academy (FNSA): Through FNSA, academic institutions and nonprofits receive access to Fortinet’s NSE certification curricula to prepare students and participants for a career in cybersecurity. Fortinet has more than 200 academies in more than 60 different countries. New FNSAs to join the program in 2019 include: Al Hussein Technical University in Jordan, Business and Technical Training College in Canada, ICT School of C.P in Angola, InGenio Learning in Peru, University of Nuevo Leon in Mexico, Portmore Community College in Jamaica, Valoris in West and Central Africa, and FDETEC in Ecuador, among others.
  • Helping Veterans Enter the Cybersecurity Workforce Through Training: As part of the FNSA and FortiVet program, Fortinet collaborates with nonprofit organizations focused on helping Veterans and their spouses enter the workforce. Nonprofits joining FNSA are able to provide their constituents with access to Fortinet’s NSE certifications and training, while FortiVet helps Veterans transfer relevant experiences to a career in cybersecurity. Veterans-focused nonprofits that became academies in 2019 include: Corporate America Supports You (CASY), TrainOurTroops, VetCTAP, Coding for Veterans in Canada and TechVets in the United Kingdom.

“Fortinet prides itself on being both a leading technology and learning organization. From the beginning, continuous learning and innovation has been part of our DNA. Through Fortinet’s Network Security Expert (NSE) Institute programs, we are dedicated to addressing the cybersecurity skills shortage which is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations and our customers today,” John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet.

Fortinet NSE Institute Training Initiatives Continue to Expand Globally To Address Workforce Shortage

Supporting Quotes from Fortinet Network Security Academies
“Al Hussein Technical University joined the Fortinet Network Security Academy to provide HTU students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape and products. Together with Fortinet, we are filling the market demand for technical skills as our graduates are certified and up-to-date with the latest security skills that are sought after by employers.”

– H.E Professor Labib Khadra, President at Al Hussein Technical University

“FDETEC is a professional training center in Ecuador that specializes in Information Technology. The Fortinet Network Security Academy program stood out to us given its structured content and distinguished NSE certification program. In the past year as a FNSA, we have seen our students’ motivation to learn cybersecurity increase as they see through hand-on learning the importance of cybersecurity in our daily lives.”

– Maria Dolores Valencia, Executive Director at FDETEC

“The Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León through the Facultad de Ciencias Físico Matemáticas has joined the Fortinet Network Security Academy to prepare and enable our students to contribute to the IT security field. This program allows us to complement our students’ education with cybersecurity skills that are in high demand. Organizations are looking for highly-prepared cybersecurity professionals who know how to work with the best security solutions, like Fortinet’s. The Fortinet NSE certifications allow our students to have competitive advantages over graduates from other IT programs.

-Dra. Perla Marlene Viera González, Information Security of the Faculty of Mathematical Physical Sciences at University of Nuevo Leon

“Knowledge in cybersecurity is a skill that is sought out by many employers in France and around the world. The NSE certifications that are part of the FNSA curriculum our students have access to are helping them be better equipped to enter the job market. Valoris University provides the local and global IT market with quality professionals and Fortinet’s program has helped us further fulfill this mission.”

-Jameet Breyna, Academic Director at Valoris University

Supporting Quote from Veterans-focused Academy
“TrainOurTroops works tirelessly to provide U.S. veterans and their dependents with free advanced online training and certifications to give them a competitive advantage in the civilian workforce. We recently partnered with Fortinet Network Security Academy giving our members access to Network Expert Security (NSE) certifications and training. Through this program, Veterans and their spouses can expand and up level their skills for a career in cybersecurity. We are also collaborating with Fortinet’s FortiVet program to help connect and place veterans with employers. These invaluable programs are helping us further our mission in helping our constituents transition more quickly into the workforce while filling a big industry need for cybersecurity professionals. In the end we see this being beneficial for both organizations and most importantly the people we are here to serve.”

-Sean Lardo, Partner Relations at TrainOurTroops (US Army Veteran)

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