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Tekken 6 ppsspp Cheat File Download “ULUS10466”



Tekken 6 ppsspp Cheat File Download

Tekken 6 ppsspp cheat file:

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Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes

Cheats for Tekken 6 PPSSPP UPDATED 2020



Tekken6ppssppgamecheats2Ccheatscodeslistfortekken6ppssppgame 1

If you do not know to use these cheats, CLICK HERE for complete installing instructions

Here is the Complete list of Cheats of tekken 6 ppsspp:

_C0 PAU Tekken God
_L 0x013E135F 0x00000028

_C0 LAW Tekken God
_L 0x013E1360 0x00000028

_C0 LEI Tekken God
_L 0x013E1361 0x00000028

_C0 KIN Tekken God
_L 0x013E1362 0x00000028

_C0 YOS Tekken God
_L 0x013E1363 0x00000028

_C0 NIN Tekken God
_L 0x013E1364 0x00000028


_C0 HWO Tekken God
_L 0x013E1365 0x00000028

_C0 XIA Tekken God
_L 0x013E1366 0x00000028

_C0 CHR Tekken God
_L 0x013E1367 0x00000028

_C0 JIN Tekken God
_L 0x013E1368 0x00000028

_C0 JUL Tekken God
_L 0x013E1369 0x00000028


_C0 KUM Tekken God
_L 0x013E136A 0x00000028

_C0 BRY Tekken God
_L 0x013E136B 0x00000028

_C0 HEI Tekken God
_L 0x013E136C 0x00000028

_C0 KAZ Tekken God
_L 0x013E136D 0x00000028

_C0 LEE Tekken God
_L 0x013E136E 0x00000028


_C0 STE Tekken God
_L 0x013E136F 0x00000028

_C0 MAR Tekken God
_L 0x013E1370 0x00000028

_C0 MOK Tekken God
_L 0x013E1371 0x00000028

_C0 JAC Tekken God
_L 0x013E1372 0x00000028

_C0 ROG Tekken God
_L 0x013E1373 0x00000028


_C0 ANN Tekken God
_L 0x013E1374 0x00000028

_C0 WAN Tekken God
_L 0x013E1375 0x00000028

_C0 GAN Tekken God
_L 0x013E1376 0x00000028

_C0 ASU Tekken God
_L 0x013E1377 0x00000028

_C0 BRU Tekken God
_L 0x013E1378 0x00000028


_C0 BAE Tekken God
_L 0x013E1379 0x00000028

_C0 DVJ Tekken God
_L 0x013E137A 0x00000028

_C0 RAV Tekken God
_L 0x013E137B 0x00000028

_C0 FEN Tekken God
_L 0x013E137C 0x00000028

_C0 AMK Tekken God
_L 0x013E137D 0x00000028


_C0 LIL Tekken God
_L 0x013E137E 0x00000028

_C0 DRA Tekken God
_L 0x013E137F 0x00000028

_C0 EDD Tekken God
_L 0x013E1380 0x00000028

_C0 BOB Tekken God
_L 0x013E1381 0x00000028

_C0 ZAF Tekken God
_L 0x013E1382 0x00000028


_C0 MIG Tekken God
_L 0x013E1383 0x00000028

_C0 LEO Tekken God
_L 0x013E1384 0x00000028

_C0 AZA Tekken God
_L 0x013E1385 0x00000028

_C0 NAN Tekken God
_L 0x013E1386 0x00000028

_C0 LAR Tekken God
_L 0x013E1387 0x00000028


_C0 ALI Tekken God
_L 0x013E1388 0x00000028

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Cheat Codes

Tekken 6 PPSSPP Cheats Codes List



Tekken 6 ppsspp game cheats, cheats codes list for tekken 6 ppsspp game
Tekken 6 ppsspp game cheats, cheats codes list for tekken 6 ppsspp game


Here is the List of Tekken 6 PPSSPP Cheats Codes:

_C0 Infinite HP
_L 0x004078C2 0x000000FF
_C0 Instant Kill
_L 0x204081F0 0x00000000
_C1 Max Gold
_L 0x213DFD6C 0x05F5E0FF
_C1 P1 Play As Azazel
_L 0x603FDAF0 0x00000044
_L 0x00020003 0x00000168
_L 0x200002D4 0x2000012C
_C0 P1 Play As Nancy
_L 0x603FDAF0 0x00000052
_L 0x00020003 0x00000168
_L 0x200002D4 0x2000012C
_C0 P2 Play As Azazel
_L 0x603FDAF0 0x00000044
_L 0x00020003 0x0000016C
_L 0x200002D4 0x2000012C
_C0 P2 Play As Nancy
_L 0x603FDAF0 0x00000052
_L 0x00020003 0x0000016C
_L 0x200002D4 0x2000012C
_C1 Rage All Open 1/3
_L 0x213E1828 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1848 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1868 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1888 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E18A8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E18C8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E18E8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1908 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1928 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1948 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1968 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1988 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E19A8 0x00FFFF00
_C1 Rage All Open 2/3
_L 0x213E19C8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E19E8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A08 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A28 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A48 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A68 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1A88 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1AA8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1AC8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1AE8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1B08 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1B28 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1B48 0x00FFFF00
_C1 Rage All Open 3/3
_L 0x213E1B68 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1B88 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1BA8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1BC8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1BE8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C08 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C28 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C48 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C68 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1C88 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1CA8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1CC8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1CE8 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1D08 0x00FFFF00
_L 0x213E1D28 0x00FFFF00
_C1 Survival Max points
_L 0x00903558 0x3B9AC9FF
_C1 Gold Rush Max Bonus
_L 0x008ECDC0 0x3B9AC9FF
_C1 Gold Rush Max Reward
_L 0x008ECDBC 0x3B9AC9FF
_C1 Gold Rush Max Points 99999G
_L 0x008ECDB8 0x002DDCC9
_C0 Unlock Ending Movie & Prologue
_L 0x013DFD7C 0x00260001
_L 0x00000004 0x00000000
_L 0x013DFDA4 0x00000404

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