TorghostNG: Make all your internet traffic anonymized with Tor network


About TorghostNG
   TorghostNG is a tool that make all your internet traffic anonymized with Tor network. TorghostNG is rewritten from TorGhost with Python 3.

   TorghostNG was tested on:

  • Kali Linux 2020a
  • Manjaro

Before you use TorghostNG

  • For the goodness of Tor network, BitTorrent traffic will be blocked by iptables. Although you can bypass it with some tweaks with your torrent client ? It’s difficult to completely block all torrent traffic.
  • For security reason, TorghostNG is gonna disable IPv6 to prevent IPv6 leaks (it happened to me lmao).

Screenshots of Torghost (Version 1.0)
   Connecting to Tor exitnode in a specific country: torghostng -id COUNTRY ID

Dont torrent over Tor

Changes log
   Version 1.1

  • Check your IPv6
  • Change all “TOR” to “Tor”
  • Block BitTorrent traffic
  • Auto disable IPv6 before connecting to Tor

Contact to the coder

To-do lists:

  • Block torrent, for you – Tor network (Done ?)
  • Connect to IPv6 relays (maybe?)
  • GUI version
  • Fix bug, improve TorghostNG (always)

And finally: You can help me by telling me if you find any bugs or issues. Thank you for using my tool ?

About the Author

Jervie David Montejar
Pinoy Blogger, developer, foodie, self-proclaimed photographer and big anime and otaku fan. Likes RPG and action video games.

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