4 Way to fix “ An update is required to use mobile data on this iPhone 7“ :iOS 13/14

iPhone 7, 6, X users are facing problem with cellular data off the iPhone. The iPhone is saying in pop up “ your cellular data needs to update “. If you are also seeing this message that iPhone needs a cellular update or cellular update failed then it can be issued with your iPhone modem. In his case your iPhone won’t be able to make any call or text messages, also you will see no service or a warning sign at place of your carrier name.
An update is required to use mobile data on this iPhone 7 

To fix the issue an update is required to use cellular data on this iphone 7/8. As like your iPhone updates your network carrier also keeps on changing their software and sending the update to your phone, generally these updates get automatically installed in your phone, but in some cases these updates get stuck due to some reasons. In such cases you have to check and install your Korea network providers updates manually and fix any update related issue in your iPhone.
How to fix An update is required to use cellular data on this iPhone 7, iPhone XS/ 11 Pro Max /iOS 14/13:
Fix 1: Check for carrier update

On your iPhone open Settings -> General -> About. Scroll down the page to Operator / Carrier. Tap on Operator. Do you have the option to update there ?
Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone then go to “General” Choose “About” and scroll down to the ‘Carrier’ section, then wait a few moments, if a carrier update appears tap on “Update” to install it on the iPhone.
How you won’t be able to update your iPhone/ ipad device using mobile data, and you should use  wifi. You can also update it through iTunes on your Mac or PC if you have an internet connection there.
Fix 2 : Reinsert the SIM card
Quick and easy workaround to fix the issue is to remove your iPhone SIM card. Turn iphone off and place SIM card back in. Give a few minutes and check again, this may fix the issue.

Fix 3 : Restore the firmware
If there are no pending updates for your iPhone,  you need to restore the phone using your computer to reload the modem firmware. Also please check for any pending update iOS, if you’re not on the latest iOS it is recommended to update iPhone to the latest iOS version.
Fix 4:Check if your phone is in defected one
Sometimes back the Apple have released defected iPhone 7 list, where No Service issue is caused due to the bug. Please check here if your iPhone is affected or not.

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