Apple News: iPhone X showing French/Wrong language in trending news

Many iPhone XS, 8,7, 11 Pro Max users are facing issue with Apple news that the news language is set to English but the app is showing French news in trending. The issue of wrong language trending news in iPhone started to happen after iOS update and does not get fixed by a simple reboot of iPhone.

Apple news showing trending in News app

Even when Region and language are all correctly set in the iPhone still the iPhone shows different language in trending news app. Deleting, reinstalling the app does not fixes the issue and this is very annoying to iPhone users who are found of reading Apple news.  When tried to remove and re-add the news app widget again, that also is not working, the Apple news keeps on showing news in different language then English iOS 13.5.1.

How to fix iPhone XS, 11 Pro Max, 8,7 plus  Apple news showing wrong language (iOS 13.5)

Fix 1 : Clearing News History

This seems to be a software bug in the latest iOS 13.5 which can be easily fixed by opening the News app-> tap following in bottom right corner->         Tap on history &-> Tap clear.
Now restart the device and check, the trending news should be English.

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