Chrome Unable to remove default search Engine on MAC (2020)

Many mac and window users are facing issue with chrome that default search engine is set to spam site. This spammy search engine is scam and users have no idea from where this search engine was set in Google Chrome.

Some time you install pirated software or install spammy update from website which will install these scam updates in your mac /PC. These scam sites want to steal your data or earn some money while showing ad on your browser. Therefor always be aware of these fraud and scam site and avoid installing them.

One You accidentally install them , you won’t be able to uninstall or remove these spammy website even after resetting chrome, remove search engine from chrome settings. We have mention below permanent fix to remove spam search engine from chrome.

How to remove spam search engine from Google Chrome:

These spammy website will make an update to system profile in your mac. You should delete such profile from your mac.
To delete profile open setting (system preferences)-> Profiles ->select the spammy profile (you can see the search engine name in the profile)->click (-).

-Restart the mac

-Open Chrome and test now.
Hope this will fix chrome default search engine issue.  

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