FaceTime WiFi not working, Switching to LTE [Fix]

iPhone X/11 users are facing issue  that the iPhone gets disconnected from WiFi while using FaceTime call. The issue happens with FaceTime call only. FaceTime lets you call other iPhone users, but as soon as you will start the FaceTime call, the iPhone will get disconnected from WiFi network and once you end the call the WiFi works again on the iPhone. The iPhone will switch to LTE from WiFi while making an FaceTime call.

This seems to be a bug in iOS 13 and later as WiFi randomly disconnects and reconnects while on a facetime call on iPhone 11. The issue is very annoying as the  Wifi in the iPhone works fine until Facetime call starts and the Facetime call Wifi drops to LTE.  The issue seems to spread across all iPhone models, iPhone 8, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 and iOS 13.5 the FaceTime calls are switching to LTE from WiFi.

This is a serious issue for users who have poor 3G/4G connection or limited plans and relying on Wi-Fi to FaceTime Video/Audio. Apple should soon address this issue and give a premenatn fix for the issue. We have listed some fixes for you, please try them and let us know which one worked for you.

How to fix iPhone 7/8/Xs/11 Pro Max WiFi Not Working on FaceTime  or FaceTime video calls switches WiFi to LTE:

Fix 1 : Turn off WiFi Assist

WiFI assist option in iPhone helps iPhone decide to switch to LTE in case the WiFi signal gets poor. Please turn this OFF before making FaceTime video call. Turning this OFF will restrict the iPhone from switching from WiFi to LTE. Go to settings -> Cellular ->scroll all the way to the bottom, then turn off Wi-Fi assist. Hope this helps.
Fix 2: Turn off Mobile Data
simply switch off cellular data in the control centre during the call and it switches back to WiFi.

Fix 3: Try with 5 Ghz Setting in Router
iOS 13 had an issue where it was working with WIFI frequency of 5Ghz only ; therefore, the fix was to disable 2.4Ghz on the WiFi router. (For AT&T users) Go to router settings and login with your credentials; go to Broadband; then under that go to wifi; you may need your router access code printed on the router; then advanced options; click disable on the 2.4Ghz; scroll to the bottom and click save.

Fix 4: Update to latest iOS 

The permanent fix for the issue should be released by Apple in upcoming releases of iOS by Apple. So it is recommend to always update iOS to latest version. Go to setting -> about and check for any software updates pending for you.

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