Fix Safari video distorts/black screen in Full Screen

Many Mac Pro, MAC With HighSierraare facing issue that while playing video, YouTube video on safari, the iPhone screen goes blank black in full screen mode. The video keeps on playing fine but the video goes dark screen in the iPhone and mac as well. Not only YouTube but this issue is also faced with other Netflix/iTunes and other video channels.

mac distorted full screen video on mac

The issue is very weird as the when Youtube video is left to play for some seconds  the screen not only turns blank but sometimes gets distorted completely. If you move the mouse, the video will again starts to play normally but after few seconds again goes blank black screen or turns  inclined distorted . The issue is with Safari only and on Chrome the video plays well.

How to fix Safari full screen video distorts /black blank screen :

The easiest Workaround is to change display resolution of mac screen to 1280×720. This will temporarily fix safari full screen distorted video issue.

Fix 1: Remove all website data
Go to Safari menu (At the very top right side of your screen next to Apple icon), choose “Quit Safari”
press “Shift” button and while holding this button on your keyboard single click on the Safari icon on your Dock.
Open Safari – Preferences – Privacy – Remove All Website Data.
Open the Go menu with Option (Alt) key pressed – Library – locate Safari folder and move it to your desktop.
Fix 2: Try to calibrate mac
This fix is for mac only. In your mac ->Go into the “Display” properties for your monitor and do a calibration. Make sure to choose default setting and click next through the whole process. One the screen calibration is black  try the videos.
Fix 3: Update “Show Scroll Bars”

The solution is as follows:
– Go to System Preferences > General
– Under the “Show Scroll Bars” section, check either “Automatically based on mouse or trackpad” or “When scrolling.”
The problem is often, when the option “Automatically based on mouse or trackpad” is checked!
Fix 4: Reset Flash player
System Preferences… Flash Player Advanced Delete All…
In the sheet that opens, check the box marked->Delete All Site Data and Settings -> then click Delete Data. Close the preference pane.

Fix 5: Update macOS
If you are also facing issue – safari full screen video distorts to inclined, please consider updating to MacOS 10.14 Mojave. The issue is not reported with Mojave update.

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