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Free Overwatch Accounts: Today if you have seen there are a lot of online games allowing numerous players to play games. However, every single game available online is unique from each other. Like few games are with a perfect combat style and few enables the customized avatar design. And few were designed with the most fun themes respectively. So apart from all of these, there is another most interesting and thriller game none other than called Overwatch that has come from Blizzard.

If you have been observed in all these days, considered as one of the best exciting game, exclusively team-based and played by every single individual. So now if you are also one among, then you must try learning how to get free overwatch account details now without any fail. This is as important as for expanding an individual’s gaming experience without undergoing any specific cash items. Now coming towards the point, the Overwatch is the best multiplayer game introduced by the one and only Blizzard Entertainment in the year 2016.

free overwatch accounts

And this held responsible to involve two different teams. Where each team again consists of 6 different players. And each player again selected over 20 characters none other than called Heros. Also, each hero again plays in different styles pertaining to different roles. Overall, the main motive behind the game is to capture a particular position at different map levels respectively. Now after noting down all these essential details, let us go and learn some methods that help us to get free overwatch accounts in a perfect way without facing even a single bug.

How to Get Free Overwatch Accounts

This game is designed and introduced by the one and only Blizzard Entertainment Inc. And this is completely compatible with the Windows OS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 respectively. Within the less amount of time, the game has become popular. And now just below, we have come with the methods that completely helps you to get the free Overwatch account successfully that too in a very short period of time. So, I hope you are all set to go and learn. If I am right, here we go.

  • Lists of Overwatch accounts details available for free
  • Download and Use
  • Get or Earn the free overwatch account on free of cost by taking the help of Money-Making Apps
  • Try to Change the browser cookies.

So now without undergoing any delay, let’s get into the details without any fail.

Lists of Overwatch accounts details available for free

Below are the lists of overwatch account details that might help in getting for free. So, therefore, go through the below usernames and passwords shared in the form of tabular format. Without wasting our valuable time, let’s take a look at the below lists.

Overwatch Account Username Overwatch Account Password
calwk calwkgod
amirgui20 especial600 Yonatan5121 0258147369kungo
Carldeosupnet  justdoit09z clashersandbrawlers123 OKB0oMM3R
senga000 0053411070 T4k34CL053RL00K1D10T
BIrdt3n b12345678

We will update the table with new Overwatch accounts & passwords every day. So stay tuned to the site and keep checking all the accounts and passwords daily.

Download and Use

By taking the help of, you have an opportunity of playing the Overwatch free of cost on PC wonderfully. The only thing you have to do is the following steps mentioned in the form of bullet points.

Free Overwatch Account methods

  • Initially open the web browser and visit its official site without any fail.
  • Now, do Sign up for the Blizzard account if in case of the new user. If you are an old user, then do log in now by filling out the needful details.
  • Then next to this, you are allowed to download the and wait till the whole process gets complete.
  • Once done, log in through the Blizzard account.
  • Right-click on the logo and move to the file location.
  • Do not forget to hold the shift key and right-click on the screen choosing the command windows respectively.
  • Now right over at the command windows, copy and paste the corresponding code –game=prometheus –install.
  • Once done, you can see a pop-up notification on the screen initiating the Overwatch installation process.

This is the process or steps involved to get a free overwatch account. Once you are done with the above points, you successfully allowed to play any number of overwatch games without any fail.

Get or Earn the free overwatch accounts on free of cost by taking the help of Money-Making Apps

Today, if you have seen there are various ways and money-making apps that are standing out to offer gifts, cash vouchers, bonuses which helps us to redeem the Overwatch account successfully. Let us undergo certain apps that might help us to gain a free Overwatch account right away. So, are you ready? If the answer is yes, here we go.


  • The very first, open the web browser and visit the survey junkie’s official site.
  • Create a personal account.
  • Try to participate in the daily surveys and tasks too without any fail. So that you are going to be rewarded and the amount equally going to be redeemable either through PayPal cash, PSN codes, or any other respectively.
  • Also, equally, you are going to have a chance of redeeming earnings through PayPal funds and then can be used for purchasing on overwatch account without fail.

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Inbox Dollars

  • Well, the Inbox Dollars can be directly installed right away on your mobile now. Isn’t it a good opportunity? Well, once the installation process gets done, launch the app.
  • And sign in by taking the help of your email address.
  •  Next to this, you are going to locate a verification email available straightforwardly in your inbox. So, tap on it and verify saying that’s you.
  • Search by taking the help of the app menu and locate the suitable assignments for both completing and equally earning the reward points.
  • Once enough of sufficient reward points get gather, you have an opportunity to redeem all the free Overwatch codes successfully.

Try to Change the browser cookies.

Sometimes, changing the corresponding browser cookies helps you to earn or get the free Overwatch account. The only thing you have to do is follow the below simple points and apply the same.


  • Launch the browser like Google Chrome and start changing the browser cookies now.
  • That means you are requested to Enable the extension called “EditThisCookie” through the browser.
  • On using this, copy all the overwatch account cookies over the web browser and start accessing and playing it now.

Through these ways, you can easily get the free overwatch facing zero issues.

Hopefully, the details or information or methods shared here were clear and understandable. If you still have any doubts, please free to share it with us. So that I am going to help you. Like and share the details to help others who are searching for the same without getting fail. Also, don’t forget to be in touch with techrulz for learning more interesting tutorials and the latest updates.

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