How to clear/delete my Apple id balance amount like $.30 cents.

clear balance from your Apple id


Many iPhone users are facing issue in iTunes that whenever they want to change the country for business address, and their iTunes has some money left like $.20, 40 cents. In this case the user is unable to change the country or region because before changing the country they have to make their balance zero in the iTunes. But since you have so little money in cents, and you cannot buy anything from the App Store because there is nothing available with such a low budget amount.

clear balance from your Apple id

The iPhone users having cent amount in amount in iTunes stores are stuck with little money in cents in their account and are not able to change country or region of the iPhone. .


So if you have money less than the item with minimum cost in iTunes store you wonโ€™t be able to spend it on there is no other way to clear the balance money from the Apple ID


How to remove balance amount from Apple Id in iTunes for changing country region: iPhone 11, X/ iOS 14/iOS 14


Fix 1: Contact iTunes support


Fastest and the easiest way to clear the money is to contact the Apple support. Click here and ask the iTunes Store staff to zero your account balance. Just ask them to clear the balance associated with Apple ID and they will do the same in one or two days and after that you can change country and region of your account.



Fix 2: Donate the money

If you donโ€™t want to waste the money or to the Apple, you can donate this money using some third-party donation app. you can download a donation app and donate it .



Fix 3: Buy the lowest product product from iTunes


One more way to use the balance money in your account is to buy the lowest priced product iTunes store for example if there is a song of $.99 and you have $.30 pending in your account then you can use your credit card for extra $.69 to buy a song.

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