How to fix Apple music draining battery : iPhone X

How to fix Apple music  draining battery : iPhone X
iPhone 7, XS/ 11 Pro users are facing issue with Apple music App draining battery fast with iOS 13. The issue is that the Apple music app seems to run in the background and is draining the battery on iPhone very quickly. Apple must fix this issue as the Apple music drains the battery so fast and the phone is getting hot sometimes, literally damaging the battery. The surprising part is even if you are not using Apple music or not playing any music still Apple music will cause battery drain, the app has no reason to do anything,


Apple music draining battery fixed.

The battery drain is only due to Apple Music app. Music App is draining iPhone battery at an incredible level like it drained 64{8b486c84ea6f7a9a059cb902e6d2cb260464d2410a2bbb3ec3ecfef5ffe22152} of my battery due to background activity during only  12h which is really annoying and creating trouble for iPhone users.
How to fix Apple music draining battery on iPhone X/7/6 :
The issues is widespread and many iPhone users are affected by this issue across the globe. Hopefully Apple will release a bug fix for this in upcoming release. So please keep updating your iPhone to latest iOS version released by Apple. Meanwhile we have listed below few fixed for you, please try them and let us know if they help.
Fix 1: Turn off Mobile data/Internet for Apple music App:

Turning off Cellular data for Apple music in setting->Mobile data and scroll down, seems to improve battery drain issue due to Apple music.   Turn off the data use for the App. Hope this helps.

Fix 2: Reinstall the app

For some affected iPhone users were able to fix this issue by reinstalling the app. Please try a reinstall and check if  this fixes the issue. Other way to deal with the issue is to use a different Music Player.

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