How to fix Apple Music not working/ Crashing on iOS 14 : iPhone

After update of iOS 14 many iPhone users are facing issue with Apple Music library not working properly. The issue started after iOS 14 update and after the update Apple Music keeps on crashing with iOS 14. Not only Apple Music but the same issue is reported with Amazon music where the Amazon music app will not open after update to iOS 14. In iOS 14 overall music library is better than iOS 13 as it offers a lot more feature like add specific song from my album to your library. 

This is a very annoying issue for many iPhone users as they are not able to open Apple Music at all after the update of iOS 14. The issue is widespread of among all type of devices including iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS,XR and iPhone 8/7/6s. After opening the Apple Music app, it continually crashes making it completely unusable. Apple music Search also doesn’t work and freezes the Music app on the Big Sur beta.

Workaround for Apple Music crashing with iOS 14 on iPhone 11/XS Max, XR, 8/7 Plus :

  • Don’t open the search bar:

It seems that the Apple Music app will crash if you try to open the search bar. Quickly change tabs away from search after opening the app, then open again it should stay open. Please do not go back to the search tab or it will crash again

Troubleshooting :

Still Apple Music is crashing in your iPhone on iOS 14 please try Bylaugh troubleshooting steps:

Fix 1 : Toggle iCloud Music Library

  • Make sure you have good internet connection available on your iPhone. Make sure data is turn ON or WIFI signal is good. 
  • Close the Apple music Music App.
  • Tap Settings > Music > iCloud Music Library-> disable iCloud Music Library
  • Restart the iPhone
  • Re-enable iCloud Music Library from Settings > Music
  • Open Music app and test, it should work. 

Fix 2: Update the app

After new version of iOS 14, sometimes there are chances that apps also need to update its functions to work properly, the app developers do release new version of app with new version of iOS 14. Therefore it is highly recommended to always check for pending updates of the app in the App Store.

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