How to fix Dew, SapD Collectors not working after update for Grounded Game

Grounded is a famous Xbox games and expected to get released on all platforms. But after the latest update of Dew Collector many user are facing bugs in the Game like dew collector are not producing. The new update have many bugs and will make your experience with Dew collector very bad. Not only Dew collector but the Sap Collector are also not working. Users are able  to place a sap collector from the beginning. However after the update water and mushrooms also stopped working.

Dew collector not working 

In the new update everything seems to broken for dew collector, mushroom farm, and the acorns not re-spawning, no more water is spawning on plants either
How to fix Dew collectors and mushroom farms are not working : Grounded

Solution 1 : Recycle and rebuild 
Try tearing them down and rebuilding them, keeping my old one up just in case they fix the bug in the future . It is a big rework but it will get the Dew, sap Collector working again. Unfortunately this may not fix the issue completely as for some users the new ones will only produce once.
Solution 2: Report the issue

We will suggest looking at your empty collector and send feedback as looks broken to the Game feedback. As more and more people that give feedback the bigger of a deal they Game developer will see it as.

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