How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick /Stuck on loading

Many Firestick users are facing issue in running Disney Firestick. The issue is Disney plus is not working on Rirestick and it gets stuck on the initial load screen with the logo and spinning load wheel forever. The Disney plus is not working with Amazon Firestick TV, except this Disney plus app is working fine. After trying to sing in the logo just spin. If you wait long enough you may get screen to select videos with titles blank and  nothing will load.

Troubleshooting tips to fix Disney plus stuck on loading screen Firestick :


Disney plus not working on Amazon Firestick fix

If Disney plus is not working on Amazon Firestick than first try to power restart your Fire TV Stick by removing it from the HDMI port and also turn off the power for a two minutes, then reconnect everything back. Now try deleting and reinstalling the Disney Plus app. Hope this helps. But if this did not help you we have few solution to fix Disney plus app not working with Firestick.
How to fix Disney plus app won’t work on firestick/ stuck on loading screen :
Fix 1: Use select button
Hold down the select button and play button to reboot the fire TV. This will hopefully stop Disney plus app stuck on logo screen on firestick.

Fix 2: Turn Off IPv6 option is Modem
There are reports which suggest that the Firestick TV  might ignore IPv4 DNS settings if IPv6 available. If this is the case you should turn off iPV6, if you see an IPv6 address for DNS in your device’s network settings, then you’ll need to disable IPv6 on your router in order to allow your Fire TV to use our DNS.

After this reinstall the app after clearing app data and cache,  please reboot all the devices (box/stick, router).
Fix 3: Try with mobile hotspot connection

This can be issue with you WIFi / modem setting. Easy way to test this is to use iPhone/other mobile hotspot and connect Firestick to this network. Now try loading the Disney Plus app. If it loads fine, than you should try to unplug modem or reset the settings.

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