How to fix Facebook comments are not loading

Sometime Facebook apps or desktop version is giving issue in loading comments completely. Sometimes only few comments are loading and not showing all comments as shown in the comment count. eg The Facebook shows 2 comments but when expanded it lists only one comment. This makes user comments going out of context. The Facebook not loading  some of the comment or sometimes it fails to show any comment. This is weird issue.

While many other Facebook users on mobile and PC are facing issue that Facebook app has huge issues while on WIFI where you can’t load comments or pictures or videos and it says you’re offline, when you’re not although the wifi is working perfectly. There can be many reason why Facebook is loading comments properly as it policy keeps on changing on regular basis.

Here are some FB policy which may affect your comment section:
1.    The person is deactivated their account temporarily.
2.   The person blocked you. If anyone blocks you, you can’t see their post, likes, & comments. But this will show up in total comments.
3.   The person has used the privacy settings of “friends or friends of friends” or any other. Because of privacy settings, you can’t see their comment. This also happens when you visit an unknown person profile and it shows 20 profile photos but you can see only 3–4 because of privacy settings.
4.   The comment was deleted and takes sometime to update.
5.   Comment has been reported or hidden.
6.   Internet issue like slow internet connection (Slow page loading)

How to fix Facebook not loading comments:

Fix 1 : Clear the Cache

If Facebook comments are not loading over WIFI, One easy solution is to clear the Facebook app cache from your mobile phone.  Clearing FB cache improves it but it may soon reverts back to not loading comments and showing offline.
Fix2: Delete the app and reinstall
Facebook comment issue can be due some internal issue in Facebook app, Reinstalling the app should fix it.

Fix3: Update the app
Please check for any pending update for your FB app. Facebook keeps on changing its software and keeps of fixing issues like this.

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