How to fix Facebook dating app not working

Some Android/Samsung/iPhone users are facing issue with dating app that the dating app is now showing up or not loading, even not showing your match and likes. It used to show up earlier but it is gone now. Sometimes the user get the notification that someone like you but when tap on notification nothing is there.
Sometime after getting a match, and next time trying to load the conversation  Facebook Dating is saying “we’re sorry something went wrong”. 

Facebook dating all not working

The issue can be seen on both Android and iPhone and dating app on FaceTime just wo’t work. Sometime you will get notifications that you got liked but I can’t see who has liked, when try to  click on “liked you” or “conversations” I am met with a loading circle for a few seconds, and them reverted back

How to fix iPhone dating app not working , keeps on loading : iPhone 11 , Samsung , OnePlus and redmi phones:

Fix 1: Delete old message

Go to the messages  -> start deleting all your deactivated messages. As soon as you delete them the others will start to appear.
Fix 2: Turn on GPS
You should turn on location in your phone and try to open the app now. Disabled Location service may cause app to hang and not work properly.
Fix 3: Logout and login back
Try logging out and login in back from the facebook and the Dating app. Check after the re-login the app works fine.

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