How to fix Facebook Feed is not loading/ refreshing?

Facebook has become a very important part of many of its user to read about dear friends family and society. Facebook feeds plays an important role in displaying all the relevant content to its user. And user of finding this very useful. But recently many Facebook users are facing problems with Facebook feed which is not loading properly. In some cases Facebook feeds does not load at all or stop loading in between. Facebook feeds and posts does not load or a refresh at all. The issue is very severe for many users as for over 72 hours now the newsfeed isn’t working for a lot of FB users.  For some Facebook user newsfeed is loading only two post.
Facebook fees not loading

Who is very irritating as makes browsing Facebook difficult. Surprising to note from Facebook that in 2020 Facebook is still having some basic issues like feeds not loading or refreshing. Facebook feed is not loading can be seen across iPhones, android phones eg Samsung and even on the desktop version PC browser (Edge, IE, Chrome, Mozilla).
One user reported as
On desktop, tried 3 diff browsers + incognito modes + clear cache and cookies, still no posts appearing. On mobile, cleared app data and cache, and uninstalled/reinstalled, no posts appearing.
How to fix Facebook feeds or post not loading or refreshing on iPhone 11, iPhone X/7, Samsung Galaxy 8, Desktop :
Fix 1: Clear cache

If you are using an iPhone or an android phone on which Facebook feeds or not working or loading, then first thing you can try is to clear the cache of Facebook app. After clearing the cache check again if Facebook posts are loading fine.
Fix 2: Logout and login again
Try logging out from Facebook on your iPhone, android phone, desktop browser and login back again and check if Facebook is loading fine now.

Fix 3: Re install the app
Deleting the Facebook app is one of the solutions that is working for many Facebook users who are facing issue with Facebook feed. Try deleting the app and reinstall it from play store or App Store.
Fix 4: Change Browser
Desktop version of Facebook you can try to switch between different browsers and check if it helps. Many Facebook users who were facing issue on one browser like Safari found that the Facebook is refreshing fine on other browser like chrome.
Fix 5: Disable suspicious extension on browser

Dashlane like extension are reported to caused such issues where Facebook does not load the post. So if you have any unknown extension installed please try to disable it and check if it helps.
Fix 6: wait for some Time
Sometime post not loading issue is not related to your device or your account, it may be also Facebook site server issue which is causing issue in Facebook feeds. In such cases wait for few weeks.
Fix 7: Contact Facebook Support

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