How to fix iPhone 11 Pro Static /Cracking noise when Calling

iPhone 11 Pro Max users are facing sound issue when calling. The iPhone 11 makes static noise when calling someone through carrier line. iPhone do not have static or cracking noise when calling from WhatsApp or other app. The static noise in iPhone 11 call makes it difficult to talk over the phone. The cracking is also with Bluetooth devices like taking calls in car, it will make lots of static.

iPhone 11 static in call
iPhone 11 static noise when calling does not appear to be iPhone ear speaker issue as if you try to take a call with headphones, the static noise in iPhone 11 can still be heard. Also cracking sound in iPhone 11 can be due network issue in iPhone 11 Pro, but trying the same SIM on different model of phone does not give this issue and call goes fine. This needs to be fixed soon from Apple. It’s not just an annoyance, It makes conversing on the iPhone completely impossible.
How to fix iPhone 11 Pro static noise when calling : iOS 13
Fix 1: Turn off LTE

This is more like a workaround to stop  static noise in iPhone 11 Pro Max. Go to settings >cellular >Cellular data options >Voice & Data.  Toggle LTE, VoLTE  to OFF.
Fix 2: Check for hardware fault
There are chances that the static noise in iPhone 11 is due to hardware fault. In some cases the receiver of iPhone 11 was faulty and replacing the receiver (complete screen) fixed the issue permanently. So get your iPhone 11 checked at authorised store.
Fix 3: Remove the plastic cover and  case from iPhone 11

iPhone 11 comes with a plastic cover, if you have not removed it, it may cause disturbance in calls. Please try to make call from iPhone 11 after removing the plastic cover or any other case if put on.
Fix 4 : Update iOS

The static noise in iPhone 11 could be due to software glitch and Apple will release permanent fix for the issue in iOS 13 upcoming releases. So it is always recommended to update iPhone to latest version.

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