How to Fix iPhone/Android No Sound on Facebook Videos

Facebook offer a lot of things to its users like News, entertainment, data sharing etc. With Billions of users all of over the world facebook is now part of our life. Apart from all these usage Facebook is also a great video sharing website also. If you want to know powder of Facebook in video sharing :
  • Over 4 billion video views/day on Facebook .
  • 100 million hours of video watch/day.
  • 500 million people watch videos/day

iPhone no sound in facebook video fix

This makes Facebook a great place to watch videos. Most of the Videos have sound and some iPhone,iPad, mac, Samsung users are facing issue that video playback on Safari, Chrome or Fabebook mobile app have no sound. The issue is with Facebook live also, Facebook live upload have no sound.
If you are facing any of below issue, please read below solution to fix the Facebook No sound issue :
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If Facebook autoplay videos has no sound:

Make sure you have turned on Autoplay default sound setting. Open the Facebook app, tap the sidebar (the three lines), tap Settings & Privacy > Settings > Media Content & Contacts > turn on Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.

facebook no video sound on phone

Fix 1: Play Facebook video in HD format.
To fix Facebook sound now working on iPhone/Android App, you should play Facebook video in HD mode from video setting. If the video is already in HD, try playing this video in SD. The sound of Facebook video should work now.

Fix 2: Toggle full screen
 One easy way that works for me is to go into full screen mode. When Facebook is not playing sound in video, change video to full screen and now go back to normal screen. Hope this helps to get back Facebook video.
Fix 3: check iPhone is muted
This is a common mistake that many iPhone/Android phone users do accidently. Please make sure your phone is not set to silent mode which will always make facebook video play muted.
Fix 4: Logout and login back to Facebook
If still Facebook video sound is not working, you try to login to your app again. Please logout from Facebook and login again. Uninstalling and installing back the app is another option as a troubleshooting.
Fix 5: Update Facebook App
Facebook is also prone to bugs and software glitches. So to fix any app specific issue check for Facebook app update and update to latest version of app.

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