How to fix iPhone Google Map Street view not working 2020

Recently many users are facing issue in using Google Maps Street view. The Street view in Google Map is not working. While using the Google Street View you can set the pin/marker on the map, but it will not load the Street view. Also the pin dropped does not show the exact location and is unable to locate precise road, it shows like “close to x road” or “unmaned road”. Users can barely see anything on street view due Google Street view not working.

The Google Street View is not working across devices like Anroid, iPhone, laptop etc. Even on the latest iPhone 11/XS MAx when you drop pin Google Map does not give street view box bottom. Seems like the Maps is full of bugs, this is just one of the many bugs. The issue is will some addresses, the google Street view will load one address but won’t work for other address in iPhone/ iPad.

The issue is not limited to iPhone or iPad only but the Windows users with Chrome browser are also facing this issue.
Here are some common Street View issues with Google Maps:
  1. ·        Both the “stickman/ Pegman ” and the blue lines are present in Goole maps.·        Street view works for some locations, but not others.
  2. ·        In few cases the street view opens for a moment, and then abruptly changes to ground view.
  3. ·        Street view suddenly is not an option on the devices, iPhone, iPad, PC etc

How to fix Google Street view is not working on iPhone 11/XS/8, iPad, Linux, Windows, Android phones:

Workaround 1 :  Use Street View imagery.

In order to view the images in those areas, instead of clicking the Street View thumbnail image activate the Street View layer by clicking on the pegman, at the bottom right corner of the map, and then the blue line where you want to view the Street View imagery.

Workaround 2: Use Google Street view app

As a temporary work-around until Google fixes this, try using the Google street view app and/or the Google earth app.
For Android :

Workaround 3: Wait for some time to Google Street view to load

 Google might shut down street view at times for maintenance. Or it could have been a bandwidth situation. In such cases the street view should restore in few hours or in couple of days. Please wait for few hours and check back letter if Google Street view functionality is up.

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