How to fix Samsung Note 10 Plus Phone temperature too low

Samsung Note 10 Plus users are facing issue while charging their phone, Samsung will stop charging the phone with message that your phone temperature is too low. The issue starts in the middle of chargin the phone and it says “Your phone’s temperature is too low. Charging will continue when the temperature returns to normal”.After this error message the phone won’t charge on the wireless pad or by the charger that it came with. Charging stays at 1pc when connected to charger. The phone is showing low temperature even when it is not.

Phone temperature getting too low is not a common issue like phones getting overheated. Thus many Samsung users are not aware about how to fix the issue.

The issue is also prominent for the Samsung Note user who have recently done a replacement/ repair on their Phone like screen replacement. Soon after replacing the screen you will start to see the warning ‘Your phone temperature is too low’ on your Samsung Note 10 Plus.
This issue seems to be a hardware issue and may be linked to motherboard or charging function of the Samsung phone. Some reports also state that the issue is the wireless charging pad inside the device.
It seems that Samsung has become very paranoid about charging and battery since the Note8 so they’re obsessed making sure that it’s only charging under ideal conditions now.
How to fix Samsung Note 10 Plus ‘’Phone temperature is too low issue”
Fix : Reboot your device
Rebooting the note 10 will fix it for a little but the issue may reappear after sometime.
Fix : Ask for replacement
Plugged in the phone to the charger -> One you Get low temp message->Turned on Power Share for about 5 secs->Turned it off->It’s charging normally now

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