How to Fix Whatsapp won’t Send Pictures/Video [2020]

Many iPhone, Android, OnePlus , Samsung users are facing issue in while sending photos from Whatsapp, the Whatsapp is not sending picture fron the phone even the recently clicked photos from their camera App. Whatsapp won’t send pictures android and iPhone many times. The issue is like When the user tries to select pictures, audio, or video files in WhatsApp to share, the files shake but cannot be selected.

Whatsapp not sending photo

Generally the issue is seen after updating the Android version on the phone. After the update we can’t send photos on whatsapp iphone/android.

How to fix Whatsapp not sending photo on iPhone 11,XS, Oneplys 7t, Samsung S9, S10:

Fix: Use root directory to share the photo

Whatsapp not sending picture or video can be issue with whtasapp not able to share file from original location. Copy and save the pictures, videos, and audio files to your phone’s root directory (Files > Local > Internal storage), Download folder, or Document folder, then try sending them again.
Fix : Take a screenshot and share photo
If you are unable to share or send whatsapp photo from library of camera roll, than one easy alternative is to take screenshot of the image and share the screenshot. The screenshot should work fine.
Fix : Restart the phone
One quick way to fix unable to send video/photo on whatsapp is to restart the device.

Fix: Update to latest version of whatsapp
If you have updated the phone to new version of Android or iOS, than you should also check for Whataspp update on Playstore and Appstore. Please update the phone to latest version to eliminate any compatibility issue.
How to fix Whatsapp not sending Video:
If you are getting below error while sharing/sending video from whatsapp
  • “Failed to process video, please try again later. If you keep seeing this message, please restart your phone.”
  • “Can’t send this video. Choose a different video and try again.”
  • “The file format is not supported.”
The reason could be you are trying to share a video with file format not supported by Whatsapp like AVI formats. Whatsapp support format MP4, MOV, and MKV. Please use these format to send video.

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