How to Open .XPS file on iPhone or Mac !

If you have saved an XPS file in your windows and later want to open them in different platform like iPhone or MacBook. There are no built in support for XPS file in iPhone and you won’t be able to open the XPS file in iPhone. The XPS file are created generally as print ready version in Windows and are very much specific to window. But some software directly generate XPS file and which makes it difficult to open in mac or iPhone or other Apple devices

How to open XPS file in iPhone

However there are few workaround for opening the XPS file in the iPhone and mac which we have shown below and you can try these to open .XPS file in iPhone 11, XS MAX,  8/7 Plus

How to open XPS documents in iPhone and MacBook, iPad :
Fix 1: Use Google Drive to read and convert XPS to pdf file
Easiest and simple way to access XPS file in iPhone is to Upload the file to Google Drive and in there you can view/print from there or download to a .pdf file and save as pdf.

Fix 2  : You can use Gmail to view XPS files
There is another way to open XPS files in iPhone through your gmail. Open the .XPS file in a google email account and opening it with “viewer” instead of downloading it. Once in viewer, click the print document icon in the upper window tool bar and it can be downloaded as a PDF file to your Mac at that point

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