How to play 9/8 ball pool Gamepigeon on iMessage: iOS 14

Miniclip has launched 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool on multiple platforms like Facebook and Apple(using iMessage). This is a great way of playing billiard on your iPhone with your friend in simple way. New users do not find it easy and often I want to know how to play 8 Ball pool Gamepigeon on iMessage. If you are new to 8 ball pool and want to know from basic about how to play 8 ball pool on iMessage on iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS, 8,7,6s Plus on iOS 13 and iOS 14.

iPhone XR: How to play 8 ball pool on iMessage on iOS 13

In this article we will help you to set up 8/9 Ball pool game pigeon on iMessage on latest iPhone 11 promax, XR, iPad etc. Installing eight Ball pool on iMessage is simple and quick, just follow below steps, let us know if you face any difficulties in the comment section we will help you install and play 8 Ball pool Game on iOS 13/iOS 13 on iOS 14 and iOS 13.

Steps to install 8/9 ball pool or any game in iMessage on the iPhone XR,11, XS Max,8,7 Plus:

1.  Please make sure your friend with whom you want to play the 8 ball pool have iPhone.
2.  Make sure you have activated iMessage in Setting -> General-> iMessage.
3.  Now Go to message app and start iMessage conversation with your friend. iMessage conversation start automatically if both users have iMessage.

4.  In the bottom of iMessage chat window you will see Appstore icon.
5.  This will open Appstore in bottom sheet
6.  Search for the game you wanted to play, if you want to play 8 ball pool, you should search for GamePigeon.
7.  Download and install the Gamepigeon.
8.  Go back to the App Drawer screen and Find the Recently download Game, you should see Gamepegion bundle games, Find 8 ball Pool Game and Tap on it to install in your iPhone iMessage.

9.  Now on this screen you can chose 8 ball or 9 ball pool game.
10.                Tap on blue button to start the game and send invitation.
11.                Once your friend plays his turns, you can play your turn, one by one.

12.                To play the game-> Drag the stick on the table and hit the balls on table.
13.                Now you are ON for a game.

What are tips for playing 8 ball pool Gamepigeon on iMessage:

1 – Try to clear out clusters early in the game, given the opportunity.
2 – When in doubt, play position for centre table.
3 – Know your table, especially when it’s not level.
4 – Don’t hit hard. The ball’s more likely to go in + it’s easier to position.

What are 8 ball pool Gamepigeon Hacks:( play 8 ball by yourself on iphone)

1.   Plays with yourself: if youre not finding anyone to play game pigeon eight Ball pool, you can play with yourself with this simple trick. In the recipient box type or invite your number and you will start to play against yourself.
We personally recommend you not to use any cheat sheet while playing eight Ball pool or any other game as this is against gaming community guidelines and we should avoid any such third-party websites or software.
Happy Gaming!

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