iPhone 11/ 7,iPad : Headphones plugged in but speakers are still playing sound

iPhone 7,8, iPad  users are reporting issue with the phone that when headphones are connected to iPhone , sound is still coming from the phone’s speakers. The headphones are working with other devices like Macbook but with iPhone 7 the headphone are not working and sound is coming from speakers. The issue seems to be widespread as lots of users are complaining that headphones wouldn’t recognize in iPhone.

The issue is not limited to this only but suddenly not able to call and when I try to use the mic on the iPhone it doesn’t work. I can’t send voice messages and call. Even whilst recording a video no sound is recorded.
How to fix iPhone 11 Pro, XS MAX, 7 plus, iPad headphone not connecting :
Fix : Check Bluetooth settings

Plug the headphones in, you may hear an audio “beep”. Go to Bluetooth settings, scroll down to find a new option “Lightning” and select. Audio switches to headphones. This seems to work fine.
Fix : Report issue to Apple
If your phone is within one year purchased, you will get a new iPhone as replacement programme. But if you are out of warrant, you should get in touch with authorised  store.

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