iPhone 11 Echo Call on Speaker/ FaceTime

Many Apple users having iPhone 11 are now facing issue with iPhone 11 pro max speaker problem that whenever users turn ON the speaker the recipient gets echo in voice. The issue is occurring every time when using speaker phone the other person hears echo’ing. The issue is happening with iPhone 11 Pro max with or without case, the iPhone 11 keeps on echo when answering a call on speaker, Even with FaceTime call or video call iPhone 11 will echo’s.

iPhone 11 Pro Max echo when talking on speaker 

Echo from Apple iPhone 11Pro Max is terrible and difficult for other user to talk when I’m using speaker phone. Sometimes the issue is random and iPhone 11 speaker echo issue does not happen all times but most of times which makes this issue very annoying for such a costly phone. The issue is event with latest iOS 13.4.1 update and not with other models of iPhone are facing this issue, just iPhone 11 Pro Max echo on speaker call.

How to fix iPhone 11 Pro Max echo when talking/FaceTime/Video call on speaker mode :

Workaround 1 :

Apple has added surround sound feature to the new iPhone 11which may cause the issue while using speaker to answer the call. A workaround to fix the issue is lower iPhone 11 speaker volume down to mid-level. This is helping many iPhone 11 Pro users to stop echo on speaker call.
Workaround 2:

On your iPhone hold down the iPhone 11 mic on the back by the camera. Even if you do it for a short period of time, then let your finger off, the improvement seems to hold and echo noise reduces . Please check if this helps you.
Workaround 3:

A temporary fix for the issue is while you’re on your speaker phone call and facing echo issue, close out ALL of the open apps in your iPhone the Echo issue seem to get fix/better by this.
Workaround 4:
Use the iPhone 11 in landscape mode while talking on speaker or doing a FaceTime call. Using phone in landscape mode seems to fix the issue.       

Solution 1 : Turn off Noise cancellation settings

Apple provide a feature in iPhone to remove background noise and You can try turning noise cancelling off in Accessibility>Audio/Visual, also try with turning ON Mono Audio (as shown in above speaker). Check if this stop echo in iPhone 11 speaker call.
Solution 2:  Take off the case
Though taking off the case does not help to fix the issue for many users but some iPhone 11 have reported the issue is gone after removing the iPhone 11 case. Please try removing your iPhone case if you have put one.

Solution 3: Network reset
Sometime faulty network or unproper network signal can cause issue, one good way to eliminate such issues is to do a network reset on your iPhone 11. Go to Setting->General->Reset -> Network Reset. Your iPhone will reboot now and you won’t lose any data during this process. Check after the iPhone is back up again.

Permanent fix for iPhone 11 Pro Max echo while calling on speaker:

The echo issue on iPhone 11 Pro Max is due to software issue in iOS 13. Many iPhone 11 users got a replacement from Apple considering this can be hardware issue. But replaced new iPhone 11 also have the issue from Day 1.
Best and only way to fix the echo issue in iPhone 11 is to update to latest iOS 13 as Apple should be releasing a fix for the issue in iOS releases. You can always contact Apple for getting update on the issue.

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