iPhone 11 Music stops Playing when Opening Messages/other app

iPhone 11 users are facing issue with iOS 13.1/iOS 13.4 update that the music stops when message or any other app is opened while music is playing in the background. Opening the message/whatsapp/Telegram app will stop the music.

music stops while opening message : iOS 13
Same is the issue with music playing over Blueooth, when listening Apple Music or another music app through Bluetooth an switch to messages, WhatsApp or Telegram, music stops. You will  have to switch back and tap play button.
The issue is not limited to iPhone 11 / XS Max only but also faced on  iPad Pro 2018, it is very annoying to keep switching back and forth to restart music whether it be Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora.  Due to this iPhone user can’t listen to music or podcast. This seems to be bug in iPhone/ iOS 13.4 as audio should not stop playing in just because you opened another app or locked your iPhone.
To fix iPhone stops music while going to message app we have listed some troubleshooting fix below:

How to fix iPhone X/11 music stops when opening message app or locking iPhone: iOS 13

  • Fix 1: Disable Auto play message

If Auto play message is turned on in your iPhone/ iPad this may cause music to stop when message is received. Try disabling Auto-Play Message Effects (Accessibility->Motion) in Settings. This is a troubleshooting step.
  • Fix 2: Reboot your iPhone
A simple reboot or hard reset to your iPhone can also solve software glitches in your phone. Please do a hard or soft restart of iPhone and check if that helps.

  • Fix 3: Turn off “Raise to listen” feature on iPhone
Go to settings -> messages-> turn off “raise to listen” under audio messages. It seems to have fixed the issue for many iPhone users.
  • Fix 4: Use third party browser
Some users are finding Dolphin browser stable in playing music from web on the iPhone. Music won’t be interrupted or stopped while opening other apps. Dolphin browser is able to play media from website using that browser without it stopping when the iPhone locked.

  • Workaround: Turn off Show Apple music setting
It Seems going to Settings -> Music and turning off “Show Apple Music” can resolve the issue in iPhone and iPad. This removes the ‘Browse and For You tabs’ in the music app. Hope this helps.

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